What are you listening to right now?

Bringing back one of my favorite threads from way back on the old old old board where we would post whatever song or album or sometimes just random sounds you are actively listening to at the moment.

Right now for me: The album Long Island by the band Endless Boogie. Super heavy psychedelic blues rock. Imagine ZZ Top but on acid. Also, an awesome album to listen to on acid.

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I’ve been listening to Twenty One Pilots’ Scaled and Icy album a lot lately.

I didn’t really care too much about them before, since their music didn’t really appeal to me, but they adopted a different style for this album and I really like it.

Torches by Foster the People was one of my favorite albums of the 2010s. They went with a different sound for their follow up albums, which bummed me out because of how much I loved just about every track from their debut.

In my mind, Scaled and Icy the unofficial spiritual successor to Torches, just by a different band.

I’ve enjoyed just about every single so far. “Level of Concern,” is the single that drew me in to their new sound, and “Shy Away” and “Choker” are the tracks that kept me around. I was actually surprised to see that Level of Concern wasn’t included in the standard album, but it is included in the livestream version.

I feel like I might have said this in the original thread but I don’t generally listen to albums and don’t have loyalty to specific artists or bands. It’s quite often the case I will only like one song from an album

Some of what I’ve been listening to lately has been english covers of anime opening songs. Though if I can legitimately acquire the original songs I will.

For easy listening I consistently listen to Gorrilaz, mainly any of their songs that had a music video.

As for random sounds? I usually go to sleep listening to a video or a recording of rainfall. It’s relaxing white noise that keeps the mind goblins in their caves.

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I am also currently listening to Long Island – but only in the sense that I’m currently on Long Island and my immediate surroundings are not totally silent. :smiley:
(I’m not actually listening to any music just at this moment, but given that particular name… I saw an opportunity. :))

Though, since things listened to recently also appear to be acceptable, well, this started playing in my head while reading the thread, and is also something I listened to recently, I believe:

I also recall recently listening to these two:

Oh, yes, and earlier today I had on some music from the Grizzly Hills in World of Warcraft, while again contemplating/researching for/engineering for an alternate timeline railway in Yellowstone National Park, built around the late 1880s.
(Current version is a 3ft gauge line south from Gardiner, splitting after a bit into a line looping back north to Cooke City and a line south to “Lake” (which is what that place is called on Google Earth). The narrow gauge lines would potentially be partially racked, on the steeper grades, and worked by battery electric locomotives recharged from a small hydroelectric plant at Gardiner. A standard gauge line runs north from Gardiner to Livingston, where the main standard gauge facilities of the railway are and where it interchanges with the Grand Northern Railway. The standard gauge line continues further north to White Sulphur Springs.
I could go on, with detail. At length. I have lost so much time to working things out for this. Good brain exercise, at least.)

Let’s see, I think a few sea shanties happened to get in recently, too…
Oh! My RPG group had a one-off the other day without the usual music stream (which has recently had some technical difficulties anyway), and I recall listening to these two (links may or may not be to the same videos):

…And that seems to be all I’m thinking of at the moment for this. There might well have been something else, and, of course, there’s the question of where the boundary on “recently” is –
Oh, actually, I am in fact listening to something right now not on the above list, since I happened to click on it from one of the previous videos without thinking of its applicability here:

So I accidentally worked my way around to having something to report here after all, apparently. :smiley:

I’ve been listening to plenty of Dark Moor and Nox Arcana lately.

I’ve been mainlining the album Alpinisms by School of Seven Bells, but I’ve currently moved over to relistening to Draining Love Story by Sewerslvt

I love folk music, cus I have never heard this particular rendition of Oak & Ash & Thorn, and the lyrics aren’t identical to the version I know, but I can still basically sing along. (For the record, the version I heard is this one) Speaking of, a recent-ish album (compared to last time they released an album) I’ve listened to is Brodignagian Bards album I Will Not Sing Along.

And in turn, I’d not heard that one; thanks. :slight_smile:
I think I prefer the one I linked, but I did enjoy that one.

Speaking of Yellowstone, my uncle has spent the good part of the last nearly 50 years photographing wildlife in Yellowstone, he has set foot in parts of the park no other human being has probably ever been. He cross country skied across the entire park, twice, the second when he was in his 60’s, they’re working on a PBS documentary about his second ski trip. He took this photo which has been started thousands of times on social media and you may have seen before:

Oh, neat! Sounds like a colorful life.

And I’m not recalling seeing that picture before. Is that some kind of large hoofed mammal covered in snow?

Yes, it’s a Bison in -30 degree winter. He has several similar pictures of Bison in freezing temps. You can see more here: www.tmurphywild.com

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Thanks for asking that follow up question. I kept seeing it as either microphotography or an underwater explosion. :sweat_smile:

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I thought it was some kind of alien face when I was only seeing it in the periphery of my vision while reading the post. Of course, noticing the reference to Yellowstone fixed that.

Are you saying it looks like @Scifire?

Unfortunately due to a hdd failure and losing a backup a few years ago I don’t have the images @tavimunk made anymore :frowning:

Imagine if you knew someone who did…

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What am I listening to right now?

Oddly enough, this. Didn’t even know this existed until tonight.

How is it that after all these years, I’m just now learning that OMD was actually called Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark? I was listening to the video you posted and thought “Huh… his voice sounds just like the guy from OMD.” Then the wheels turned a little bit more and now here we are.

//starts humming Enola Gay…