So how about that movie trailer?


My initial reaction was “wtf?” followed up by “This can’t be real, this has to be one of those very well made spoofs that are always popping up on YouTube.”

Then I got on YouTube and saw that it was posted by one of Disney’s official channels.

It took a while, but I eventually warmed up to it. I do wish that the animation on the 2D characters looked a little better. I feel like Disney has the money and resources, so hopefully there will be some more polishing so the tracking doesn’t look so weird (watch Gadget’s face and eyes in that intro as she’s looking around or how lifeless the ponies are).

I’m reluctantly accepting the fact that they’re using celebrities voices, but I really wish they would have done something different with Dale. His voice sounds too generic; it makes it difficult to know whether he’s the one talking or if it’s some unknown narrator or some other character.

Otherwise, it is what it is, and I won’t know how good or bad it is until I’m able to watch the whole movie.

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I’ll give it a try, though the work they’ve done on Gadget (that we’ve seen) isn’t reassuring. If nothing else, it should at least usher in a new flood of Gadget art.

And more interest in the franchise is always a good thing. I’m sure there will be people watching the movie who otherwise might not have known much about the Rangers or hadn’t been around when the show was on the air.

Also, I just noticed I wrote “Sow how about” instead of “So how about.” I should probably fix that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Well, I was not looking forward to this movie when they first announced it back in 2013, and then re-announced it in 2019.

It basically just feels like another unwarranted Live-action movie based on a Toon, and Disney jumping in late on the Alvin/Smurfs success.

So many things in that teaser trailer I just had concerns over, both visually and in terms of the story. But I go through all of it here or wherever, I worry sound like one of those internet critics that people find irritating.

I just imagine it’s gonna be annoying, and really awful. Might not be the worst film, but… ERRRGH. I wanted something better from this series.

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The whole thing kinda feels like they made a list out of concerns people might have about a CDRR movie and then decided to play up those issues for comedic effect. It’s audacious… in a very self-satisfied way that grates on me. It’s a real mind trip for me cus there are elements here I enjoy, but done in a way that reeeaallly rubs me the wrong way. I’m a fan of Roger Rabbit and Wreck it Ralph and I wouldn’t mind a metafictional animated actors sort of story… but oh my god is the live action disney franchise godawful.

A lot of these movies seem written to preemptively adress the twitter arguments that’s going to be written about it, often in ways that doersn’t exactly makt it better and boil down to “yeah we know, watcha gonna do about it?”

I do like the conceit of Chip being 2d and Dale being 3d, cus it kinda does reflect what I imagine their present day taste in cartoons would be like. Dale would absolutely and unironically love those goofy 3d/live action comedy movies while Chip would be a 2D traditionalist.

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Will give it a shot, do have D+ anyhow so…

I’m really sick of the nostalgia marketing, especially when it’s done like this in a way that’s kind of poking fun at the source material and playing up the comedy aspect of things. The voices are really not sitting well with me, why don’t they sound like chipmunks?

I don’t know, I think Rescue Rangers was better left to obscurity, Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers we’re big parts of my childhood, and my nostalgia for them is tainted by stuff like this. It makes me mad when they take a product that was good to begin with and then twist it into something like this purely to reach the 30 something demographic who remember the thing from their childhood and now have kids of their own so its “fun for both the kids and adults!” rather than just creating new content for the next generation of kids to fall in love with and be nostalgic for when they’re adults.

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I can sympathise with your point of view on this. Just to take it a little off topic I am a massive star trek fan. I hate both star trek discovery and picard. Both series in my opinion trample over Gene Roddenberry’s legacy. Watching TNG helped set my core values while growing up and these new shows just crap all over that on top of nonsensical narratives which you’re distracted from by grimdark action sequences. So I just decide to ignore them.

But it hasn’t been completely negative. It lead to the creation of Lower Decks, which I can acknowledge is a parody so doesn’t really affect the original experience just, plays on it. And then there is The Orville which is the most star trek like show I have seen since DS9 ended.

Anyway my point is, it may end up that this movie is a farce of a farce. Maybe it will be a great parody of a show we loved as kids. And maybe it will lead to something great to come after. Like a tail-spin film…what have I done…

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It’ll just be another film that’s bad and forgettable.
But one thing concerns me is, unlike other properties like Alvin and The Smurfs which did get a new series after those films, will Disney even touch this series again after the film?

We know Chip n Dale will reappear in any future Mickey Mouse stuff, but Disney turned down 2 attempts for a Rescue Rangers reboot during early production on the film (one pitched by the same team behind DuckTales). If so, this will be an awkward “comeback” for them.

And yeah, I get the differences between the classic Chip n Dale and the show, but why couldn’t Gadget, Monty and Zipper co-exist in the other world? It doesn’t have to be canon, it can be its own thing. They let Max stay after Goof Troop and blend with Mickey and co.

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So, uh, it looks like the results should be… well, predictable.

But still, I really don’t want to do the whole toxic fandom thing and bite the hand that feeds. If it’s not good, I’ll probably just shrug and ignore it.

In the meanwhile, I’ll give it its fair shake and wait to see how things turn out.

“I hate both star trek discovery and picard.”
I wouldn’t even count myself as a Star Trek fan, but I’ve seen some of Discovery via SFDebris and, naturally in my view, assumed it was in the bad new movie timeline, like Picard (which I’ve also pretty much only been exposed to through SFDebris). Then I read somewhere that, no, apparently Discover is in the main timeline. My reaction was, as I recall, basically “…No it isn’t.”
Like, sure, there are things I like in Star Trek. I watched some growing up. Patrick Steward as Captain Picard possibly, along with Douglas Adams, somehow managed to have more influence on my accent than everyone actually around me. But I wouldn’t really categorize myself as a fan, not compared to people who are, or to how I am with MLP.
And I still looked at the claim that Discovery was apparently supposed to be in the main timeline and close to TOS and went “Nope.”.

I assume the main thing determining whether Disney tries making a new series or not will be the profit margin on the film.
Though sometimes modern media companies do also even pass up what seems to me like it should be easy money for reasons I’m not clear on, so… I don’t know.

A lot of people have said how this feels more like a Bonkers movie. I get where they’re looking at, given the Roger Rabbit side to it and the show was sorta similar, BUT I think this would’ve been geared more towards Darkwing Duck.

Mainly cause DW was more popular, so that would make sense with the opening to the trailer, and it would be more believeable to see Darkwing desperately trying to make a comeback and relive the glory days.

Though thats just my thought. I don’t know how the rest of the film or the CGI would tie in.

and Darkwing Duck also pivoted to being a more metafictional thing in the Ducktales reboot, where it’s treated as a show within a show with actors that resemble the characters, but are distinct from them, so it would make sense if they continued in that vein.


Count me as part of the “Highly sceptical” crew when it comes to this film.
I’ll still have to watch it next month, buuuut not getting my hopes up.

I mean, it can’t be as bad as the Artemis Fowl film, right people?


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It won’t be the worst live-action adaptation of a cartoon, but could very well be ranked somewhere near the likes of Smurfs, Alvin or Last Airbender.

I mean, it probably has some elements which are okay, but still feels like there may have been some corporate meddling to meet certain trends, etc.

I kind of hate the trailer, BUT I also have learned to never trust a trailer fully.

So, highly sceptical, expecting one if those “we play on your nostalgia but also try to make fun of stuff and be all meta-ficcy”- cash grabs, while trying to at least stay open to the chance of this positively surprising me.

(Hey, Detective Pikachu did. It’s possible!)

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For a new movie it looks like it has a chance to be enjoyable. It has the basic premise right (two old buddies get the gang together to solve a case) and it has a few interesting ideas, especially Dale’s 3D surgery.

I have Disney+, I’ll get my wife to watch it with me. It can’t be worse than the live action Lion King she made me watch with her last weekend.


I guess that’s fair play. :rofl: - You are right, though. That movie was bad enough this one should not be worse. - And if it turns out to be worse after all, it should be at least worse in a more entertaining way!

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The live action Lion King had the handicap of succeeding a far superior version of itself. The Ranger movie doesn’t have such a high hurdle to clear so it at least has that going for it.

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