Rescue Rangers Movie Trailer Mega Thread!

Now that the movie is one day away (depending on your time zone), I’m sweeping all of the older posts about release trailers and clips from the movie into this giant m-m-m-mega thread

We have a new trailer out!

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This is a little more reassuring. And I just noticed… Dale has whiskers.

Regardless, just the first trailer was enough to inspire more Gadget art… so, that’s a win of sorts.

Okay. New trailer = better. Gives me a bit more hope. “Life is the worst. A message on my land line….I don’t like that.” I knew I liked Chip for a reason! :joy:

I just don’t understand why they had to do the, “LET’S GIVE THEM COOL-GUY VOICES TO STAY HIP AND RELEVANT BY USING OBNOXIOUS COMEDIC ACTORS WHO ARE….RELEVANT!” It just butchers the nostalgia in the most irritating way.

That being said, I guess I’ll watch it. Hubby and I need a good pick-me-up after Dear Evan Hansen.

Also, was that Peter Pan?! :rofl:

I took such a long time replying to Flynn’s post that you managed to share the new trailer while I was still writing my reply, so I completely missed this! That’s what get for trying to respond to anything while I’m at work. Way too many interruptions lol

This is a much better trailer and I’m glad they addressed the voice issue. I still don’t think the voice they’re using for Dale is unique enough for us to know who is talking when he’s off screen, but this is starting to look like it’ll be a good time.

Edit: I split this off into its own topic

Hm, does look like there’s no theatrical release planned, though? Disappointing; I’m probably not going to be seeing it, then. Barring… somehow seeing it elsewhere.

(I got Netflix, as a gift, for MLP G5, and so far haven’t found anything to use it for except MLP G5… which is currently just the movie but is at least planned to be more. I don’t want to get another streaming service entirely just for one movie.)

Anyway, thanks for posting the new trailer, though!

This was originally going to be theatrical, but they later changed it to be a Disney Plus original. Reasons being either for more content, or because of Covid at the time effecting certain releases.

Also what bugs me is what this trailer showed for the voices, yet there’s still some unanswered questions from this and IMDB.

First the original cast were “expected” to return, then Corey Burton is the first one reported to be in it. Suddenly, new actors confirmed to play Chip n Dale, okay… so Corey’s only gonna play Zipper?
Teaser comes out, well that’s clearly not Jim Cummings or Peter Cullen as Monterey, it’s Eric Bana. Hold on… IMDB says Dennis Haybert will play Zipper? Has Corey Burton been kicked out. Tress Macneille is listed, but is she voicing Gadget or not? is someone else voicing her?
New trailer - WAIT, Tress AND Corey are in it?! But we still don’t hear anything about the others. Who’s playing Gadget? How will Zipper be voiced? Will Jim or Peter actually be in this at all? What’s going on?!

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Maybe this has already been pointed out elsewhere, but I just noticed that this kitten chimera thing that’s attacking them has Fat Cat’s hair/fur pattern on the top of its head.

Since the giant kitten appears to be made up of random toon parts (including what looks like a 2D body), and because there’s quite a bit of focus on toon plastic surgery in this trailer, including showing character model sheets that look like surgical plans and that giant wall of miscellaneous parts… I’m thinking the big bad in this is going to have something to do with whoever or whatever is behind the surgeries, how they’re sourced, or what’s done with the parts that are removed.

I should mention there was a supposed leak posted somewhere online, revealing the villain and such, BUT I won’t link it here. The source isn’t from a SFW site, and could’ve been fake or someone trolling.

Hmm, this was a considerably more promising trailer. Not by a huge amount, but I got two chuckles out of it, and that’s more than I expected.
Definitively didn’t expect that reference to male strippers in the beginning!

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This is as much as I could have expected from a new, official release. I think I’ll enjoy it, though I really hope there’s some kind of fan dub that provides Chip & Dale the high pitched voices I expect from cartoon chipmunks.

You didn’t hear about the cross-promotion campaign? Another wrinkle in Disney’s evil masterplan for ultimate grooming I tell ya. Trust me, I heard it on AM radio.

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If the first trailer inspired more Gadget art, maybe this trailer will inspire more Peter Pan art

@Wiggles is all about grown up Peter Pan

Is it really a grown up Peter Pan though? I mean other characters we’ve seen haven’t aged. Flounder does not seem to be concerned about being out of water. So why has Peter Pan grown up even if he’s left Neverland?

I mean I’m not trying to overanalyse or anything I just feel like it’s some sort of setup.

The Subtitles in the trailer say he is “Mean Dean”, the villain confirmed when they announced the plot.

@Ducky He butters my ramen.

Any ideas on the origin of this snout? Some character parts are obvious, like the Smurf hat, Pink Panther’s snout, and Monty’s mustache… but I haven’t seen anyone identify this one. One “easter egg/cameo breakdown” video guessed a Hanna-Barbera character but I can’t find any that have that specific snout. Another thought it belonged to one of the Gummi Bears, but none of them look like that.

My initial guess was Lotso from Toy Story, but the nose isn’t big enough, never mind that Lotso is 3D and this should be a 2D character.

Any other guesses?

It’s definitely some type of bear or maybe a dog character, but nothing springs to mind.
It’s clearly meant to be a 2D character, but the way they’ve made them sorta 3D as well makes it difficult.

I’m leaning to it possibly being Kissyfur or Hazel from Foofur.

I thought maybe Topcat but that muzzle has no whiskers…

Being not familiar with that character I looked it up. It’s probably the closest I’ve seen to being correct but her muzzle shape is an oval with it’s length going top down whereas that one is left to right.

I feel like the whole “same time” clip at the end of the trailer missed a huge opportunity when they used the line “You owe me a non-brand-specific cola” instead of using it to give us a throwback to @Scifire’s favorite jingle

"That was like professional. Gasps!
Same time! Gasps!
JINX! Gasps!
You owe me a Coo-Coo Cola! Gasps!
It’s bottled in Pensacolaaaa! Gasps!!
WHAT!?!? That was crazy! Gasps!
etc, etc, etc
Maybe even throw in a few seconds of them singing the jingle in perfect harmony, considering how many people recognize that song as something they remember getting stuck in their heads as kids, but were casual enough watchers that the connection to the show just sort of fizzled out over time. The context could be mind blowing. Wait??? This song that’s taken up residence in my head for the past 30 years, playing in loops in the worst possible situations… THIS SONG IS FROM CHIP N DALE RESCUE RANGERS???

But what do I know. All I know is that I have taken my night time medication which makes it difficult to follow along with any sort of coherent thought before I’m off to night night

CH CH CH CHIP AND We’re the Chipmunks! C-H-I-P-D-A-L-E! We’re the Chipmunks! Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers AWAY

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