Random Weird Videos (Because it’s my life, what ever I wanna deux)

Yes, I’m reviving @goa ’s thread from the old forum. Basically post random videos you’ve found that are funny because they’re horrible, horrible because they’re funny, or both. I’ll start:

Because chaos reigns.

Well then I’m going to have to flash back 11 years ago with @ThatGuyLight and share our old favorite

Whipped cream pouring like waterfalls!


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This was posted on the old forum. It unnerved a few users, but I think it’s amusing. I’m weird.

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Considering I named the original thread after this, I can’t not post it.


Yeah, I’m probably going to totally take this over now. I apologize for nothing!

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Hey, I can put more than one video in the same post!

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Early 2000s gem of that era’s flash trash

@ThatGuyLight Are you still doing that hand thing?

Anyway, here’s how babby is formed

One of my old coworkers used to imitate that dance and it was so disturbing

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oh babby.

For you MLP fans

And wouldn’t you like to learn about our lord and saviour

@goa The fact that you posted the original video makes my heart so full. I was tempted to post it myself but didn’t want to out of respect for you.

And theJurassic Park thing. And the anime club thing, and, and. :rofl:

While we’re at it, I also never forgot this one:

This one’s got an f-bomb in it and whatever Pingu is saying might be absolutely filthy for all I know, so maybe don’t watch this one at work I guess

But it made me cry laughing the first time I saw it so may you all be blessed with the same

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How is this not in the thread yet?


@Winston Because MYEEEEEEH! :rofl:

Also, have some Ronald McDonald: