Off Topic Extravaganza! 🥴

Remember those fun, nonsensical threads that weren’t about anything at all? Just a bunch of us posting back and forth about whatever?

Here’s a designated space for that.


Oh, and it looks like Park Life Dale wants us to remember when the penguins tried to take over the forums (nice disguise).

Wiggles: Wow. It’s DEFINITELY been a while, because I come back and I see that everyone’s avatars are…penguins. Would someone explain to me the significance of the penguins?

Goa: Someone got bored one night and this was the end result.

Alain: Hush, you! There were penguins… They invaded the board!

Tom Cloudkicker: My avatar looks like it could be on Disney’s Penguin Tales !

Dimon: What all these penguins are doing in the site front page? Give back CDRR team, please…

Light: No.

CD: You don’t have a penguin yet. I already have mine.

ksharbaugh: And we wish you didn’t. I will, however, love any penguin that represents Mistress Wiggles.


cash_dog: Bring back the CDRR team now!

Live2Dream: HA HA! I heard tales of this. I finally get to see it myself. Awesome.

UrthQuake: I dunno, I kinda like it… sings I got the whooole world on my shoulders!

QueenDarkCloud2: Thank you so much for the Penguin, Ducky! How did you know that I’m a big Medic Fan?

Syaoran_2001: What the hell is Medic? Do you mean the 1950’s television medical drama?

Soda: The medic is one of those guys from that game Team Fortress 2

Desert Mouse: Indeed! but hope not!

Ducky: What?

QueenDarkCloud2: Huh?

Campisi: This level of syntax sorcery shalt not enter the inner sanctum of my brain.

Dimon: Actually I didn’t understand what was last 4 posts about in this thread

ksharbaugh: don’t know anything…
I never did know anything…
But now I know that I don’t know anything.

Campisi: Philosophers would be proud.

Grab your canes and your walkers because that whole thing happened 13 years ago.

I’m going to steal CD’s “good day” sign off here by saying: Good day, and I think I’m the only person alive who still likes the glossy web 2.0 aesthetic. :linuxpenguin:

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Didn’t the forum code get changed at some point so that anytime someone typed “Gadget” it came out Naked Mole Rat?

And the drama that followed was nothing short of hilarious

Yes, and there were a few people who were really upset about it

Penguins? Well the missus loves penguins at least…

When trolling is harmless. I could have taken some lessons from that a couple years before it

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@Wiggles are you still at the pharmacy??? I’m getting concerned

@Ducky OH MY GOD, I’VE NOW BEEN HERE MORE THAN 24 HOURS—IT’S AWFUL!!! (Just kidding—I left like, 20 minutes after I posted yesterday. :rofl:)

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OH GOOD. I imagined you trapped in there all night, peeing in a bucket because there wasn’t anyone there to give you the code to the restroom, and then worried that maybe you’d started trying the different prescription drugs to see what the effects felt like and took the wrong one and then we’d see the story on the news

And that’s how we get those Florida Man news stories.
Only, this time, Florida Wiggles.

Wiggles, you need to move to Florida now.

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Florida Wiggles needs to be a reality tv show. Drugs. Chaos. Pee buckets.

@Wiggles! Back your bags, you’re moving to Florida! Entertain us!

Another reason to not watch reality tv

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Bear Grylls has entered the chat

My guest network may or may not still be named “yell penis for the password”

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What if pee buckets are the cure for Covid?

“You need to share. Melm.”

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I think some of the Qultists already tried that.

I’d be sorely disappointed in them if they hadn’t.