It seems to have gotten quiet here recently

I’m not really sure what to do about it, though.


…Well, I guess that is indeed something, yes. :smiley:

The flurry of activity that came with the refreshed franchise, and the fun speculation over the trailers, then the splintering off with the mixed reviews, and now… I don’t know. It seems that those who didn’t care for or who refused to watch the movie drifted away, and as someone who actually enjoyed the movie, the backlash made discussing the movie in a positive light uncomfortable (for me, personally).

On a completely unrelated note, having a couple of devastating losses in my life made it impossible to focus on anything but my grief, so I’d forgotten to check in.

As most of you know, I lost my grandmother in June. And just a few days ago I unexpectedly lost my sweet dog, Dexter. Losing him without warning ripped my heart in half and it’s been so hard to get through each day, and near impossible to think about anything other than how much I miss him.


Obligatory dog tax:


Oh, dear; my condolences.
Quite understandable you’d be distracted, and good luck.

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Yeah, I’ve been kinda mixed after seeing that film.
I know someone asked me if I had anything new, but, I’m probably not gonna be back in that CDRR mood for a while.

Oh, sorry about that; good luck.

That was me :cry:

It ain’t your fault.

We’re older from the old days. I wish I could spend all day, every day here with as much vigor as I used to have as an internet geek, but job and bills to pay, and you know

Hah, yeah, even though it seems much of the time like things haven’t changed that much for me, other times I look back at some ways I used to do things and wonder how ever I had so much time for them.

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I apologize for my absence lately. Been an absolute $hit show of a summer because my husband lost his job and then, to make matters worse, he fell off his bicycle and broke his arm. So my anxiety and depression have been through the roof. Haven’t had the mental energy to do much.

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Oh, yikes! I’m sorry about that. Good luck to both of you.

Count me in the lost the job club. Got fired from my 7 year career for an absolute bullshit reason. It’s nice not working 15 hour days and getting home at 1 am now though.

Ah, sorry and good luck to you, too, then.

Though from the sound of it, I suspect they may regret firing you, from the amount of loyal work you’re now not there to do for them.

Even without the difficulties everyone is listing off (and hugs to those willing, btw), this does seem like a fandom where people are in the busier times of their life as adults.

No lost jobs here, but I did just start a new job and the place immediately had a pretty chunky cyber incident. Not necessary the ideal time to start as the dude leading up Sec Ops, but it’s been an experience. :sweat_smile:

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Checking in as yet another person who has lost their job.

The agency I worked for decided to close their emergency communications center in favor of pursuing a contract with a private call center for 911 and police dispatch. All of us were laid off on November 1st.

Ouch, sorry to hear that, been on the wrong end of let go twice now.

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Damn. Hopefully this is just a step in the journey towards something better.

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