Ducky's celebrating the return of some old friends

I had to make a new post to express the joy I just felt seeing how a couple of people showed up shortly after the email invitations went out.

@Bryce! @arcanethewoof! You’re here! :smile: :partying_face: :parklife_chip_excited:

Edit: @tavimunk, @ModernTimes, @ThatGuyLight are here too!
Edit2: @singhcr and @iceberg210 have returned!

Edit…9000? Keeping a running tally of everyone I’ve seen log in:
@Bryce , @arcanethewoof , @tavimunk , @ModernTimes , @ThatGuyLight (Lightindark76) , @singhcr @iceberg210 , @Jeannette (JEANYLASER), @litefoot , @TellyToon , @TNG (blizzard) , @bwrosas79 , @Nathaisionnach , @Owlor , @Arztek , @Scifire (Scifly), @Mayhem , @Zanzibar , @syaoran2001 , @goa , @pupspals , @Winston , @Tamira , @CD-R (CD), @Wiggles

It’s overwhelming :smiling_face_with_tear:

A special mention to @Reese, @Flynn, and @ksharbaugh who registered early to help me try out the new software :heart:

:musical_note: REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD :musical_note:

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@tavimunk! You’re here, too! I haven’t seen you in forever :smile:

Still alive and kickin’. :slight_smile:

This is amazing. I had prepared myself for disappointment, thinking no one would actually respond to the emails I sent out. Thank you for proving me wrong :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Keep on truckin~

@arcanethewoof I was just reading your comic yesterday. I saw that I have a lot of catching up to do :sweat_smile:

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@ModernTimes!! Good to see you again!

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Hi Ducky,

Thanks for the invite. Man, it’s really been so long since I last chatted with you.

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Nice to see some old faces here :slight_smile:

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It’s been well over a year :astonished: How have you been?

Oh my, I think it’s been even longer than that! But in any event I’ve been a bit frustrated as of late. On the positive side I did get a steady job finally at Medtronic for almost 3ish years now.

On the downside I recently broke up with a long term boyfriend of mine and soon afterwards I found myself questioning my gender identity, so much so that I wanted to identify as gender neutral and use they/them pronouns. My family (aside from my horrible older brother) and friends and coworkers have been supportive but it really has been a struggle. Never really could figure out what gender dysphoria was like until I experienced it myself. I am amazed how parts of yourself are hidden to even your subconscious until you give them permission to surface, if that makes sense. It just felt like a switch in my head was flipped.

But I’m hanging in there. How about you?

Whoa whoa, back up. It really has been a long time! I think one of the last real conversations I had with you was when you were still struggling with your sexual orientation. If we had more conversations past that point, especially about you starting to date people, you will have to forgive me because I’ve been struggling with episodic memory loss for about the past 5-6 years.

Do you still prefer they/them pronouns?

Ah I see, no worries Ducky. It has been a good 5-6 years since we spoke. I came out as gay at the time last we spoke and had just started dating men soon afterwards I believe. The boyfriend I recently broke up with was my second which I hadn’t told you about (nor my gender identity issues as that happened just a few months ago).

To answer your question, yes I do prefer they/them pronouns at this time.

@arcanethewoof, aside from the massive amounts of guidance and support that you gave me when I was struggling with my sexual orientation many years ago that I will always appreciate and cherish, one other thing you told me that I never forgot was “I don’t think you’re trans because you aren’t bothered when I call you a man”, and now I am bothered by it. Not sure if I am trans, who knows. Not identifying as a gender at all feels good to me so that’s what I’m going with for the time being. Right now I feel constrained identifying and presenting male all the time. I just know now that hiding a more for lack of better words feminine side of me isn’t productive and trying to force myself to be something I am not is not healthy. That’s the biggest thing I learned while coming out- roll with whatever info you have at the time, things will probably change as you learn more which is fine and remember always that you are who you are and that’s all that matters. I tell my furry friends that I’m just trying to be the prettiest wolf I can :kissing_heart:

I’m not sure I hold to that statement I made; it was many years ago that we discussed such things and I’ve grown and learned since then. I think that, as a cis person myself with no formal education in the matter, my understanding of transgender experience is too limited to be able to be truly useful, and if given the question again I’d refer the person to counseling or support groups with people who are more knowledgeable than myself. It’s not for me to define someone’s identity for them, in whole or in part. I’m glad to hear that you continue to make strides in knowing yourself ^^

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Greetings all. Nice to be here!

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@iceberg210 shows up for weddings and new message boards
@Jeannette … could this be the return of JEANYLASER?
@litefoot snuck in the back door when no one was looking
@TellyToon has been missing since 2017! Welcome back!

HAHAH! That long?
Aww. My apologies. I guess I forgot or didn’t think people were still active here.

I miss you so much Ducky! Welcome home!

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It’s been such a trip to see so many familiar faces, I’m glad you’re all alive and kicking :heart:

I’m delighted to be here! Thanks for keeping this place alive and updating into something new, Ducky.