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I know some of you have already mentioned the origins of your username in the Re-Introduce Yourself topic, but I thought I’d make a new post specifically for this question.

Ducky has been my nickname for a very long time. When I was in school, it was usually some form of Ducky, Daffy, or Quackers. Why? Because I love ducks. All of my favorite cartoon characters have been ducks, with the exception of a couple of chipmunks and a handful of turtles. Another reason is because I used to quack a lot and I’d sing in a not-so-good version of Donald Duck’s voice. Just about every username I’ve had online has been some variation of “Ducky.”

While combing through the archives of the old board, I realized that @syaoran2001 had shared the story behind their name before, just without the pronunciation guide, and @Scifire (while still posting as Scifly) had mentioned the username Scifire as far back as 2008 before finally using it here on the new board.

Did you ever have to change your duckyass handle on Live? That one gave me a good laugh.

Modern Times is honestly pretty lame and generic looking back, but I liked it at the time. I lifted it specifically from the Al Stewart song by the same name, one of my favorite songs then and today. It tells the story of a guy meeting his old best friend some time after they’ve stopped talking, only the friend doesn’t want anything at all to do with him.

I had the same thing happen to me with my childhood best friend. He moved a few hours away and we always got together in summers and whenever we could, but by high school it was infrequent and before graduation he stopped talking to me completely. Losing touch with people was a lot easier to do back then. Anyway, I let go and hadn’t talked to him for 10 years. And when I finally tried, mainly to reminisce about the good ol’ days, he wanted no part in it. Thus concludes another exciting blog post.

I proactively changed it because I was worried about getting the ol’ banhammer once I started playing Destiny. I changed it to “Hey Ducky” since that’s what I kept hearing through my headset :slight_smile:

Scifly was a really obscure reference to a educational mascot on a website created by our public broadcaster called kevin the science fly. I just thought scifly would be a more clever name and it goes along with my love of science fiction.

Scifire is named for the same reason that I like science fiction but when I started playing World of Warcraft I wanted a more fitting name for the fantasy environment so I changed fly to fire and thus my warlock was born…for all of two days but I was not on a very good server so I went to a different server and created a mage named Cyphire. And I alternate between using that and Scifire for most online accounts now.

I go by Forgephire on destiny but I had originally taken that name from Halo’s forge system for making multiplayer maps. It was probably not the best choice of name though since many people don’t understand the e in the middle is meant to be silent.

Mayhem was a reference to an old videogame but also an accurate description of my life at the time, so it stuck, and been using it nearly 30 years now…

…So you’re not trying to sell me car insurance then?

Also, mine came about because I got to the point where I felt weird about using my actual name on here. This is just a shortened (read: safe for work) version of a name I used elsewhere.

Mine’s an alternate spelling of my middle name. And I think CnDO may in fact have been the first place I used it, though I’m not sure; it was a while ago.

Flynn is the name of a character I created around the time I joined here back in…. 2000 and something. I want to say it was like 2009 maybe? I was still in college so it would have to have been before 2010.

Originally Flynn was a lab rat who had all kinds of wild backstory like being tested on and traumatized. Because he was a rat I named him after one of my favorite songs by the band Ratatat. A while after I started drawing him in Rescue Rangers situations I started revisiting and rekindling my love of cartoon mouse media like Capitol Critters and The Rescuers, and reimagined Flynn as a mouse instead of a rat, without the laboratory angst backstory.

Back in 2011 I came out as trans, and changed up how I was expressing myself in my art, so Flynn fell by the wayside for a long time. Eventually I brought Flynn back as a girl mouse, but kept the name because I like it and I feel like it’s plausibly unisex. Flynn is a tomboy like her creator anyway.

She can be seen in my user avatar.

Campisi is responsible for my username by responding to my original introduction thread back in ‘08 (I think I had a stupid username like C. Maplewood or something) and announcing, “I shall call you Wiggles.” It stuck.

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