You have to change your name to a car model. What do you choose?

Rule: The name has to be the full model name; if the model has a number, your name has a number.

Additional rule: you can’t use a name that someone here has already picked.

I choose Astro.

Why Astro?

I choose DB9

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I just like the name, it rolls off the tongue well and sounds cool, but it’s not edgelordy like “Mustang” or pretentious like “LeBaron”

DB9 sounds like a Star Wars droid. So fair pick

Studebaker Avanti

It’s the nickname Campisi gave me a looooooooooong time ago because he thought the Aston Martin DB9 looked like a duck.

Hmm. Well, if I knew more names of early electric cars, perhaps one of them. But while I might be able to look them up, I suppose it’s more in the spirit of the game to go with something out of my own memory. In this case, also the first thing that came to mind, so:

Ford Prefect. :smiley:

(For reasons only indirectly related to it being the name of a car, but it does meet the stated requirements. :slight_smile: )

((Though, that said, I probably could indeed find a name I preferred over that if I looked – but I don’t know how looking would factor into the validity of the entry here, and I’m in any case low on time.))

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Mazda 626

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@syaoran2001 Why Studebaker Avanti?

@Reese Going with “Prefect” is going to turn you into a hall monitor :wink:

@Scifire the 626 reference couldn’t be any more perfect for you, considering I used to refer to your old profile photo as a weird bug alien koala thing lol

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EXACTLY! it was also the second car I owned.

The Studebaker Avanti is a really cool looking car, and it also sounds like it coukd make a good name. It sounds kind of exotic too.

My next choice would be Figoni et Falaschi Delahaye 135, one of the most beautiful art deco cars ever built.

Dodge Shadow

One word: Thundercougarfalconbird

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Mysterious Utility Wizard.

No, seriously! That’s a real model name for a real car.

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Alright, this one made me laugh :smile:

Volkswagen Jetta

That sounds like a character from Adventure Time

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Hah, well, maybe, but it certainly didn’t seem to happen with the other one. :smiley:
(Ford Prefect as a hall monitor. That’d be… interesting. Though while I’m not sure exactly what would happen, I doubt he’d keep the job for long. …Unless the only other option was Zaphod, maybe. :smiley: )

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One of my favorite cars. I like wedgy 80s cars that could be made using ten polygons or less. Digital dash makes them even hotter.

A Bugatti. Just because they’re ridiculous. And ridiculously expensive. And just so unnecessary. My kinda car. :grin: