What are some creepy, eerie, or unexplained things you've encountered or experienced?

This can be any memory you have as a child, or anything you’ve experienced as an adult.

I have a few memories of things that had given me the creeps as a child, and some memories of things that made me feel scared. I watched a lot of Unsolved Mysteries back then which I’m sure didn’t help lol

  • One winter, I remember looking out of my bedroom window to see what looked like a row of lights in the sky. I went outside to get a better look, and stood there in somewhat of a paralyzed daze, looking up at the sky until long after they’d moved out of view. I remember how the way the lights were arranged made me think of Santa Claus (haha) because it was a straight line of steady white lights that had a single red light at each end - one at the front and one at the back, like Rudolph pulling Santa’s red sleigh. Except, instead of making me feel a sense of joy and wonder, I felt a sense of dread as I watched the lights slowly move in formation across the night sky, not understanding what it was that I was seeing. Even now, looking back on it as an adult knowing that was very likely something that could have been easily explained (especially since we lived close enough to a military base that sonic booms were not uncommon), I still feel that same sense of dread in my gut when I remember what it felt like staring up at the sky that night.

  • When I was around eight years old, there was a day that I was watching tv in the living room with one of the kids who lived next door. I was sitting on the floor in the lotus position, but with slouched shoulders and terrible posture. The way I had been sitting had started to become uncomfortable, so I shifted positions by moving my arms behind me so I could lean back a little, but as one hand touched the floor, the other touched an unknown object that was behind me. I remember feeling startled and confused, because there shouldn’t have been anything behind me, let alone something that was moving. I felt it brush up against my arm and over to the right. I turned my head to the right just on time to see something disappear around the corner toward the kitchen, but what I saw didn’t make sense.

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The neighbor kid who was there with me had a cocker spaniel named Curly. At first I thought it must have been Curly, because whatever my hand came in contact with felt like it could have been a dog’s paw, and the object I saw go around the may have been dog-sized. But the color and texture were all wrong, and the thing I saw looked like it was glowing.

Curly was a plain old brown cocker spaniel that looked similar to this, but whatever it was that I saw had a color and a texture that reminded me of Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs.

I will never know what it was that I saw. If it wasn’t for the fact that the neighbor kid who was with me also saw something go around the corner, I’d think that maybe I’d imagined it. He couldn’t describe what he saw, just that he’d seen the movement out of the corner of his eye. I remember asking him if he’d brought Curly over with him, but we confirmed that his dog was still over at his house in the back yard, and whatever it was that I saw was no where to be found when I got up the nerve to go look.

The thing that I do know is that my interpretation of what I saw was probably colored by childhood imagination and influenced by whatever media I’d been consuming at the time (Unsolved Mysteries and Spaceballs came out the same year). Nevertheless, it scared the heck out of me as a kid, and left me with a super creepy feeling until we moved out of the house a couple years later.

I have more, including one that involved an actual creepy person, but I want to hear some of your stories first. :fearful:

It’s odd that, given my nonstop diet of books about hauntings, Unsolved Mysteries, and general spooky documentaries and shows (major Ghostbusters fan growing up), I have no incidents I can bring to mind.

However, I have had a general sense of dread regarding certain areas of the house in which I grew up…

Being at the bottom of the stairs leading to the second floor, particularly when the stair light was out. Whenever I had to pass by (going between the kitchen to the dining room) I would do so quickly.

I had a similar feeling about the rearmost room upstairs (likely the servant’s bedroom originally), or being in the line between the rear and front rooms… which was often given it was the sole line of traffic for the second floor… get to the top of the stairs and that’s where you were (you had to turn your back to the rearmost room to get to the three rooms to the front).

I recall nothing that would explain such feelings about that roughly ‘T’ shaped area of my home and nothing ever actually happened despite those feelings of unease. The place has been lived in since then by my father, his girlfriend, and her kids (who mostly have since moved out), and I’ve heard nothing from them about any issues. Granted, I’ve never asked… probably will now that I’m thinking about it.

That’s actually pretty interesting, since the thing we usually hear about is how being at the top of staircase leading to a lower floor gives people the creeps, like looking down the stairs that lead to a basement. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard of someone getting a creepy feeling while being at the bottom of a staircase leading to a higher floor before.
There’s not really anything unusual about getting creeped out by looking down into an unlit area, especially if it’s below the house, but to get that feeling standing at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the second floor? And to have it outside of a room that’s also on the second floor? That’s fascinating and I need to know more lol
If you do end up asking them @ksharbaugh , please please please report back!

I once had a “dream” that I woke up and a demonic corpse was at the foot of my bed, reaching in to grab me, and I was more annoyed than scared that Creepshow would dare wake me up that early and swatted it away. The corpse fell back in a dramatic fashion while I turned over in a huff to try and go back to sleep.

I am a skeptic, but despite that I still get freaked out being in dark places alone after having watched unsolved mysteries or some true crime documentary.

However my story takes place in the light of day. I grew up on the seaside, in a very shallow bay. One day I was out riding along the beachfront and I reached a bridge that crosses a man made drainage canal. I looked down and the water, although it didn’t really look like water anymore, looked blood red. Imagine the river of slime from Ghost Busters 2 only red. A girl living on the same street as me happened to be there as well checking it out so I asked her what was going on. I realised later she was probably just being a troll but she told me that someone had committed suicide at the nearby playground sometime during the week and then the water here turned into this.

If I had to guess I would say I saw a red tide. But I had no idea what those were back then and I’ve not seen anything like it again.

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Sometimes at night I feel like someone is lifting the end of my mattress and dropping it, or else sitting and bouncing up and down on it. This happened a few nights ago, it felt like someone was climbing into bed with me and moving the mattress up and down. A chill went up my spine, all the hair on my body stood on end, I got goosebumps and my heart started beating faster. This hasn’t just happened in my current house, it used to happen in my bed in the house I lived in growing up.

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Is this happening while you’re awake? Because I have experienced something similar except it was me waking up and sort of bouncing as though I had just dropped onto my bed. I’d forgotten about that until you brought this up.

This happens when I’m in dream states or kind of that half asleep half awake mode. I can feel motion in dreams too, like when you’re falling in a dream and you actually land on the ground.

I have, off and on, experienced the sensation of something small jumping up onto my bed as I’m drifting off to sleep. However, since the sensation is so similar to that of a cat jumping onto my bed and I’ve lived with so many that have passed on, it’s far more comforting than creepy.

Try this one on for size. I’ve heard that people you see in your dreams whom you might not actually recognize are already dead and from some distant past.

I fully believe that people who are dead visit us in dreams. I’ve had my grandpa visit me in dreams several times, my partner had her mother visit in dreams shortly after she died and all of her siblings had similar dream experiences around the same time of their mom visiting them. I’ve had friends share similar experiences of close friends or relatives who have died visiting in dreams. Dreams are how people communicate from the afterlife.

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Yeah for me there’s a distinct difference between the dreams I have that just happen to have people in them that aren’t around anymore and the dreams that feel like they’re visiting you.

I have dreams with my dad in them, and it’s usually some sort of dream like I’m in high school again but I don’t know any of the music the band is supposed to perform and my dad has to bring me my saxophone but none of us can remember how to get to the house

But then there are the dreams where it feels like I’m being visited. Where I know that the person (and sometimes animal) isn’t alive anymore and I can’t believe I’m getting to see them again. I have these dreams with my dad, and I know it sounds silly, but I also have these dreams with my cat Cubby who died two years ago. I always wake up crying because I didn’t want to have to say goodbye again.

Wish I had any stories, but… eh, well, honestly, I don’t.

And the real kicker to that is, when I was a kid, for over ten years my family lived in a house that was probably over a hundred years old. There’s no doubt people lived out their lives and died in there at various points. My mom and my sisters would have sworn the place was haunted if you asked them.

But me? As far as I experienced, it was just an old, drafty, but utterly ordinary house. I never saw or heard anything. Never felt watched, nothing about the place creeped or scared me. Maybe that in itself is weird, I don’t know.

I’ve had a dream(s) where I’ve asked my grandfather if he knew he was dead and he was visiting me in my dream and he said he knew

It’s an interesting note that in the Qur’an sleep is referred to as “death’s brother” and that our souls depart our bodies in both cases, only that during sleep we return to our bodies.

In the light sleep possibly being a way to interact with the departed, human and otherwise, I’ve wondered about the scores of cats and kittens that show up in my dreams whenever I’m visited by my departed cats, often as a result of my opening the door to let in “my” cat and a flood of other cats take the opportunity to come in. Departed strays? Other’s cats ‘dream-hopping’ while their humans are awake?

Ok, so last night the bed ghost visited again. At some point in the night it felt like someone on the side of bed was pulling the covers tight over me, it was very unsettling. It was very apparent that the covers were being pulled on, like when you’re in bed with someone and the grab the covers and roll over, pulling them tight against you.

Haven’t seen any ghosts or demons. Haven’t been haunted or cursed and I haven’t been creeped out by anything unexplainable. But, by god, I wish I had because I’d love to have a firsthand experience convince me this life isn’t the end of the road.

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