Things people or companies say that makes your skin crawl

Pretty much what the title says. Name your pet peeves about things you hear that annoy you every time it’s brought up.

I just got the inspiration for this from going on Google Earth and discovering an online marketplace site and delivery service has a warehouse built they call a “Fulfillment Centre”. Just like how Amazon calls its storage depots “Enrichment Centres”. You’re a business site, you are not bringing us concentrated dosages of spiritual enlightenment. Stop pretending you’re the best thing since sliced bread, it’s creepy.
I can envision these corporate suits talking to representatives of local trade councils, and every time the government official who has to issue the license says ‘depot’, they insistently correct her with the PR-term they’ve decided on will be their brand. If it were me, I’d reject their applications just on the very principle of the thing.

Starting to sound like Aperture Science. “We do what we must, because we can”

At the risk of going political. Our (thankfully now former) Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a slogan he used for his re-election campaign before his first full term
If you have a go you get a go
A vacuous nothing phrase no one actually understood yet gained him a lot of traction.

Scomo was good for a lot of catch phrases actually.
I don’t hold a hose mate” for those who don’t know in 2019 Australia suffered it’s worst bushfire season in it’s recorded history and our countries leader decided this was the perfect time to go on a vacation to Hawaii
It’s not a race” this was said in regards to the rush to get vaccines for the pandemic
It’s not my job” He actually did seem to have an aversion to doing the job of running our country.

“Human resources” :tired_face:

I’ve seen the way these people treat resources.


Aye, that’s a point I’ve heard made before. “Personnel” suggests people. “Human resources”? Well, really, what is the difference between the human operating the soylent green machine and the one being fed into the hopper?

their taste

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It varies from person to person.


“In these unprecedented times…”

“We’re all in this together”