The Brave Little Toaster Appreciation Thread

Here is one of those animated films that had a profound impact on me from childhood until now (along with Secret of NIMH and The Lion King). I’d tell anyone studying up on animation storytelling 101 to watch this film. It’s also my mood sometimes, especially the song “Worthless.” That isn’t a cry for help, btw

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I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve listened to Worthless

And I still hate Blanky

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And yet, Blanky gets one of the most mature lines in the movie as they sink into the mud “I’m not scared.”

This movie is incredibly existential, in part thanks to the late great Joe Ranft, while remaining upbeat overall. You can also thank him for that clown showing up in the nightmare sequence. He must have had a fascination with clowns since he created a character called Buttocks the Clown that Jangles from Inside Out was based on.

I mean, GOOD GOD!!

Is this the “ass clown” origin story?

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I love this movie! Worthless is the one song that stuck with me from my childhood. I bought the official soundtrack just so I could have the whole song without the TV guy voiceover. Unfortunately for some inexplicable reason, they censored the line about “buns and weinies” that the woody station wagon sings.

My other favorite song “it’s like a movie,” starting Phil Hartman as the Peter Lorre light fixture.

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This is one of those movies that slipped through the cracks for me. I haven’t seen it. It’s on a list of movies I will watch if I’m given the chance, right next to Cats don’t dance which I’ve only seen the last 30 minutes of the one time it was broadcast on tv here.

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Yeah, I’ll admit I’m one of those “juveniles” who snickers at buns and weenies, and the field of animation has long been a playground for double entendres. However, for the targeted audience and lyrics’ sakes, they obviously meant hot dogs, so I’d be with you in being frustrated by that censorship.

You’d better get on that or I will come to the land down under and find you… AND KINDLY ASK THAT YOU WATCH IT

I adore this movie. It’s been part of my life since early childhood.

It influenced the way I interact with the world around me. When I was a kid I was a little bit animistic in nature, and I would treat anything and everything as if it were alive and had feelings. Honestly, I still feel that way, but especially towards devices and appliances.

To this day I can’t stand things like AI abuse (Alexa, Siri, Google etc) or devices/toys/machines being destroyed. My car is one of my best friends, and that’s not for lack of human friends, it’s just that it’s a companion, a moving organism like me. I also took my parents old toaster oven and can opener when I moved out, since they were going to be junked or donated. That toaster oven toasted every pop tart I ever ate since I was too young for school. The can opener opened every can of soup and spaghettios that ever nourished me when I was sick. They are companions.

Recently I even created a Brave Little Toaster fan character. I’ll post some drawings in my art thread.