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Rather than make new topics for each piece, I’ll post all art stuff I make in one topic.

Starting off with a recent rough piece, where… well, I’ve always imagined Hynden Walch would be a good alternative voice for Gadget.
But I guess we’ll never get THAT reboot.

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I agree that’s actually a really good choice of voice for Gadget.

I mean, her personality might be slightly different, from what I imagined, but she’s still the quirky inventor.

@TellyToon This is amazing! I like that it isn’t a 1:1 copy of her character model from the original series, but instead looks like something that might have come out of a reboot in a similar style to MLP: FiM.

I usually go by the model sheet, but try to keep it somewhat original. A bit of both, really.

Chip n Dale Park Life drawings.
There was no Gadget in the show, so I tried to imagine what she’d look like.

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When Chip n Dale Park Life revealed their first look, I tried to interpret the rest of the team in that style. Then they changed the design, so… shrug.

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Holy cow! You did such a great job with these! Especially with those sketches of Chip and Dale holding the CDRR photo. You could have told me that those were official concept art and I would have believed you.

Speaking of concept art, I’m SO glad they didn’t go with those weird noses. It makes them really hard to look at. It’s just so distracting! I’m sorry you had to draw Gadget that way. :cry:

But the non-weirdnose version of Gadget you drew is really cute. I can see her on the show alongside Clarice keeping those hyperactive chipmunks in line.

Haha. No one has ever given me an apology for my art before.

Btw, there is more in those Instagram posts. You just need to click on the arrows.

I don’t see any pictures.

Does Instagram not work for you?
I wasn’t sure about uploading them directly on here.

I think Instagram might not work through my VPN, or because I’m not logged in to Instagram. Not sure which.

Here’s a scene from the Rescue Rangers teaser trailer I redrew.

Also changed all the previous links, so hopefully they should be viewable by now.


Oh, wow; based on what I recall seeing before vs. looking back now, it appears there was a lot I was missing without realizing it. For one thing, I didn’t even know that first one was a video with sound rather than a still picture, IIRC.

Another old animation draft I did years back, only this time the clip is taken from an episode of Adventure Time.

Alright, I think this is the last of the remaining doodles from the past. I had to copy from Twitter and YouTube for the last posts.

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I really like the Chip vs Danger Mouse sketch :slight_smile:

Another movie scene redraw, featuring ahem…. “The Cameos


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Thanks for sharing those! I was about to pester you for new art, too. :slight_smile: I’ve been really enjoying seeing you draw the gang in different styles.