Stuff from the old Donald Duck/Chip ‘n Dale cartoons that has stuck with us

Does anybody else still try to recreate Dale’s impression of Donald’s steam shovel in Dragon Around? Or does anybody else marvel at how long it took your ten-year-old self to get the “digging to China” reference at the end of Donald Applecore and how racist it actually was but you still laughed your arse off even though you prolly shouldn’t have? Do you still automatically imagine Chip and Dale tap-dancing in front of a crowd when someone says the phrase, “working for peanuts”? I swear, when my grandma bought my sister and I that VHS tape back in the day, we must have watched it over a thousand times. Good memories. And that’s what kick-started my love for Chip n’ Dale, even prior to the Rescue Rangers. This is a space to discuss those classic toons.

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The scene in Dragon Around will always be connected to this old DTV music video(it shows up at around 00:52)

The “Apple core, Baltimore” sequence from Donald Applecore is something that I’ve never gotten out of my system. A friend of mine that I’ve known since childhood still brings it up just about every time we talk. When it’s not Apple Core, it’s Coo Koo Cola (@Scifire did you know that it’s bottled in Pensacolaaaaaa?)

GOOBY are we the only hipsters here who liked Chip and Dale before they were Rescue Rangers? (adjusts glasses)

You don’t say…please dont say…

It’s not a Chip n Dale episode per say but it features them heavily so may as well be. Pluto’s Christmas Tree. I still to this day wish I could live in a decorated christmas tree. I didn’t get to see this episode very often, i didn’t have it recorded so had to rely on its seasonal appearance.

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Huh, apparently I remembered a bit more than I thought, at least when jogged.

The only thing I already knew I remembered was, and I’m sure this will be a complete shock to those who know me, the one with the model railway. :smiley:
…Which, huh, is apparently extremely easy to find on YouTube, without even remembering the actual title. And the video’s dated February 21st, 2016. I’m quite surprised Disney hasn’t gotten it removed. Well, since it is there, excuse me a moment…
…And about two minutes in, I just realized how much this reminds me of me, in Minecraft, reshaping the landscape visible from the rail lines.
And finished! Well, that was a bit of fun. :slight_smile:

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We had a Christmas VHS with a bunch of Disney, animated, and other Christmas specials. My favorite’s always been Chip and Dale, making Pluto’s life miserable the entire short and getting out with a happy ending, adding insult to injury.

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We’re hipsters now, Dolan! shakes cane But wait! It seems others have jumped on the remembrance bandwagon!

Sadly I don’t think I’ve seen the Christmas specials mentioned above. The only one I think I’ve seen is A Christmas Carol with Uncle Scrooge and Chip n’ Dale only appeared briefly during the scene at Fezzywig’s.

Pluto’s Christmas Tree has been my favorite Christmas cartoon for as long as I can remember.

One of the VHS tapes we had when I was a kid was A Walt Disney Christmas. It had Once Upon a Wintertime, Santa’s Workshop (which was super racist), The Night Before Christmas (still kinda racist), and Pluto’s Christmas Tree.

I remember rewinding the tape so I could watch Pluto’s Christmas Tree over and over again.

Out of Scale? That’s one of my favorite Chip ‘n’ Dale shorts. :slight_smile:

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Aye, indeed!
And :slight_smile:

No, I was very much a fan of Chip and Dale before RR came along, in fact I’d probably say my fandom there led me to give RR a chance and watch it.

As someone in the U.K. I never did get the “Apple core, Baltimore” thing until I was a lot lot older and had the internet to look stuff up.

There are dozens of us! Dozens!