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Updated on 2022-04-23T07:00:00Z

Preferred Pronouns

Users now have the option to display their preferred pronouns on their profile and user card (the user card is the mini profile you see when you click on someone’s name or avatar)

This can be set by visiting the “Profile” section of your Preferences page. The Pronouns field is directly below Location and Website.

Where to find your Preferences page

Locating the Profile section

"the Preferred Pronouns field


Ah, thanks.

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It seemed like a worthwhile addition :heart:

Another new feature has been added:

Who’s Online

What does this one do? It adds a little widget up at the top of the forum that shows the avatars of anyone who is currently on the boards or who has been on within the past 5 minutes. Their avatars will also have a green ring around it when viewing a post they’ve participated in, the categories list, or their profile.

The who’s online widget, showing the avatars of two users:

The online status indicator ring around an avatar on a topic

The online status indicator ring on the Categories page:

One more post to show that it is also working on the mobile web app

I made a separate topic to announce the new chat feature (because I was pretty excited about it), but forgot to mention that I also added a blurry spoiler thing at the same time. It can be accessed using the cog drop-down (where the hide details/summary and poll options are found) or by using [spoiler]text[/spoiler]

Thank you, drive through

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