Rescue Rangers original series preproduction drawings

Hi, I’m a new member here. I’ve owned these two Rescue Rangers preproduction drawings for a very long time and I’m wondering if anyone knows any information about either one?

I’d be interested to know who the artist(s) might be, what year they might have been drawn. If they were actually published anywhere. Really any info at all!

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And these are definitely “live” pencil not reproductions? We’ve seen the images before, but if they are the actual drawings… hard to say really what worth might be. A few hundred possibly.

Yes, they’re both definitely ‘live’ pencil drawings, not reproductions.
A version of the smaller drawing with the dart gun can be found online, but it doesn’t have the pencil shading and they’re standing further apart.

I really wish I had the answer for this because this is such an amazing find

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The potential artist for the second of the two would be Will Finn I guess, but there’s always the issue that once characters were designed, loads of people had to be able to produce extremely similar art. As such not sure it’s really ever going to be possible to say unless you accost someone like Will Finn on the street and he says he remembers those specific images.

Still, it’s fun comparing the art to known art - looking again at the second of the two and one of Will Finn’s super-early iterations of the crew, Gadget and Zipper look right; Zipper is practically a carbon copy, Gadget has the same elements between the two; the identical earrings that aren’t in the show, hair split in the middle at the front unlike the eventual show, and overall hair structure and eyes to my mind looking very similar.

Obv Monty is quite different, but another Will Finn pic is quite a bit more similar where Monty is concerned. Zipper continues to be consistent, but on the other hand, also a very simple character.

Interesting detail with Monty’s coat - there’s not much out there where he’s got that cape-like length going. Quite like the look!

Alas, no idea who the artist is for the above, and as I said, don’t really know how you’d ever “prove” who the artist was for your drawings. They’re really nice works regardless of who made them!


Interesting. The one artist’s name I’ve seen in terms of other preproduction drawings has been Will Finn. There were a couple auctioned-off drawings by him which came up in searches. And as you mentioned, Gadget and Zipper both have that identical, early look.

Apparently Mr. Finn is now a co-executive producer at Warner Brothers, so I have reservations about even attempting to contact him about something so minor. Possibly Tad Stones, as he seems to have more of an online presence. I may try asking at some point. I suppose the worst they can say is “go away”.