Rescue Rangers Movie Watch Party

I mean, hopefully I’ll be able to find a working time – but it probably would be easier to coordinate only two people. :smiley:
Still, I hope more’ll be able to make it, whenever “it” ends up being!

Sounds interesting, but I’m in a different timezone, so I’m not sure if I’d make it regarding what time, and if there’ll be a strong internet connection to join in.

I wouldn’t mind joining. My schedule is shaky because I take more call than I’d like, so I won’t suggest a time.

I’d love to but a weekday won’t work for me because, well……work. :grimacing: Any way we could do it on a weekend?

Sunday is the only weekend day I have off, so would a Sunday work? My schedule is dumb.

A Sunday would work—just not this Sunday as it’s Mother’s Day and we’ll be at my in-laws.

Lol the movie isn’t out yet, silly Wiggles

A Sunday could work for me! Though some particular Sunday might not, and of course there’s the question of time of day.

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@Ducky “Silly Wiggles?” BUT I DIDN’T KNOW TRIX WERE FOR KIDS! :sob:

@Reese what time zone are you in?

It turns out I actually will be able to watch the movie the day it comes out but it won’t be until I get home from work, so sometime after 10:30pm PST

Eastern, so currently on EDT.
Let’s see, assuming that’s PDT, as well, 2230 would be 0130 EDT, I think. (Though I’m somewhat tired at the moment.) And this is Friday the 20th (well, by that time, Saturday the 21st for me by the calendar), IIRC? Something might come up, but as things stand now, I think I could do that.

It would probably have to be a sunday, though I’m a nightowl anyway so US timezones aren’t as much of an objection.

So, what are the current plans here?

I’ll log in tonight after I get home from work. We can touch base in the chat if you’re on as well. Oh wait, are you still not able to scroll or did you get that sorted?

Nope, still not able to scroll in the chat; it’s not very usable for me. I have, however, arranged my schedule to be on the forum, well, around now, and Discord shortly. (I was expecting the movie to start possibly as soon as forty minutes from now, after all, and I didn’t want to be late.)

youtube party over :frowning: