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The movie is now live on Disney+

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!
Don’t read this thread if you don’t want to be spoiled :blush:

Okay, I’m staying up past my bedtime to watch it. I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait!

First up, cute origin story, but starting with meeting as kids in 1982 erases their existence in the 1940s, but okay.

Brand new (actual) animation of the Rescue Rangers with Fat Cat for what I’m guessing is an unaired episode. Someone mentioned Gadget’s voice sounding different in that earlier promo clip. It sounds different here as well, so it’s probably just Tess’ voice changing. It was really nice to see the new animation though.

Ugly Sonic!! Very funny. That got a genuine laugh out of me.

Oh wow! Chip opened his freezer and one of those old Tyson Looney Tunes frozen meals was in there, and yes, it was Looney Tunes. Foghorn Leghorn, to be specific.

I’m also seeing what looks like Frozone Food and maybe Ice Age ice cream? I’m watching on the tv and my eyes are blurry, but I think that’s what I’m seeing. I’ll do a rewatch on my compudah later

(Will update as I watch)

ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS! Holy cow, they actually did it. And it’s also poking fun at the “hip hop” revision they did for the live action movies, with them wearing hoodies and rapping lol. Chip even makes a snarky comment about this: “Ugh. Of course they’re rapping. They always have to make the cartoons rap.”

Oh, Monty. You paranoid weirdo with your Rescue Rangers cologne.

Uh oh. Partial villain reveal: Debt collectors. Legitimately scary.

Sequel and reboot madness: Fast & Furious Babies, Meryl Streep as Mr Doubtfire, and Batman vs E.T. I laughed out loud again when I saw Mr. Doubtfire

I appreciated the Gumby cop’s reaction to Dale mentioning CDRR because I’ve gotten that same look when mentioning any DA cartoon that isn’t DuckTales

And GASP Dale suggested calling Gadget and Zipper but Chip said no. Attention Gadget fans! It’s Chip’s fault! But don’t hurt Chip. I love him.

Squints I see an out of focus Meps and Wart in the background while Chip and Dale are walking down Main Street. I really need to rewatch this when I have more time. I really wish I didn’t have to work an early shift tomorrow :sob:

The Uncanny Valley is an actual place and Chip saying “He’s got those Polar Express eyes” got a chuckle out of me.

Sweet Pete’s unsold merchandise includes Shrek Bodywash lol The ugly Shrek face on the bottles is great

Sweet Pete making the “old, bald, sad like a zoo gorilla” Peter Pan joke felt gross, especially since it was followed by Pete telling the story about how he got the role of Peter Pan when he was a kid, but then Disney tossed him aside like garbage after he got older. It mirrors Bobby Driscoll’s story so closely that it just feels wrong.

I do like the bootleg movie concept though. It’s like all of those DVD that pile up in the discount bin.
“Flying Bedroom Boy” “Beauty and the Cursed Dog Man” “Jasper the Dead Ghost Kid” “Spaghetti Dogs”


I am so jealous of Dale’s Chip ‘n’ Dale and Rescue Rangers collection. JEALOUS. Although I think @singhcr and I could combine our collections and maybe… nope, Dale’s collection eclipses all. I wish that CDRR arcade cabinet was real!

Future project? Hmmm :thinking:

They’re playing a remix of the Disney Afternoon theme song! Just hearing the opening section made me feel like a kid again

I don’t know y’all, watching this is making me feel pretty happy. No, it’s not exactly or close to what many of us may have wanted, but it’s still a fun ride and I’ve had a few laughs already and I’m smiling more than I’m not.

Not sure if I’m going to make it through the rest. I took my nighttime meds already and if I don’t fall asleep in the next 30 minutes, I’ll be working a 12 hour shift on less than 5 1/2 hours of sleep.

Looks like @Scifire was correct about the body scans being of both Chip and Dale. They were scanned to see what they’d look like in different styles.

I see… something that looks like some form of Simpsons or Family Guy style. Dale is yellow so maybe more Simpsons. A couple of anime/chibi versions, oh that’s definitely too IQ for me to understand but it looks like Rick and Morty. Oh WHAT! Is that Chip and Dale as Animaniacs?? I was wrong about the first one, because the next one is definitely the Simpsons. Then there’s one that looks like some fan art I saw floating around back in the day with Chip and Dale redrawn as humans. Then some sort of superheroes that went by too fast for me to see (and I’ve run out of time for pausing). Now I see Dale as Stimp and Chip as Ren. I can’t tell what the next one references other than looking taller and in a more mature style.

We see how Chip got his weird ear, and in the scene where it happens, they call it a Snoopy ear

Vote for Senator Butthead!!

Better looking Ponies!

He-Man and Skeletor! What???

Dale goes to Gadget for help! She appears to be working as a mechanic and notes that her personality in the show is almost exactly like her personality in real life

Bed time. Will finish watching later :zzz:

I also waited up to see it (and watching the Ranger-thon on tv at the moment). I’ll say more about what I thought about it in general later, but I need sleep now. What I will say at the moment, though, is… I do NOT want the inevitable Gadget with Zipper porn.

But it’ll happen. It’ll happen.

My mouth is aching from the grin I didn’t know I was holding.

I was close I knew it was a dog ear

I couldn’t take my eyes off Gadget’s expression during the laughter. She looked a little insane.

I had no idea when I made that reference in the other thread I would see that here. At least they got some use out of it lol.

Finally a politician who knows what the real issues are. How to score with babes.

Gadget and Zipper have a family? She doesn’t end up with either Chipmunk?
Whaat!!!? hahahahahaha
I mean has anyone speculated on that before? I love it.

May as well wish the tide wouldn’t come in

And what about Chip’s mum

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Hey, the more the milfier.

@ksharbaugh & @Scifire - I must have fallen asleep before the Gadget and Zipper bowchickabowwow reveal happened

Edit: Oh golly. They’re definitely trolling.

I was thinking about the childbirth. If the kids are flies, does that mean Gadget had maggots crawling out of her?

I think I’m going to throw up. :nauseated_face:

It’s interesting to look back at all of the years of radio silence in the years after CDRR left the airwaves. Sure, there was the Gadget coaster, a few pins and other merchandise every now and then, the short lived BOOM! revival… and then, finally, there’s this movie. It’s not the movie I wanted or expected, but this is the movie.

Clearly the team behind this one didn’t know anything about the fans or really much about the show unless it’s a master class in trolling, because this film spits on everything most fans care about: Gadget and the love triangle with Chip and Dale. Going the extra horrifying step to pair Gadget with Zipper is salt in the wound. I would’ve expected this in Robot Chicken, not in the official Disney approved family film. If there were much of a fandom left at this point, I would look forward to laughing at fanboy rage posts.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with a simple buddy cop concept and that’s the strongest part of this one. Chip and Dale do their best, and it’s tough because the characters around them are awful. Fat and balding Peter Pan is surprisingly good, but the rest are truly terrible.
It’s entertaining enough for one viewing. That’s the more than I really could’ve hoped for.

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Nope, flies (maggots) come from eggs. Art of which is already out there, of course.

It was never going to be the Ranger movie any of us wanted, so I hadn’t let my hopes get up too high in the first place. The “Abramsversing” of Star Trek and Star Wars prepared me for that.

It was entertaining for what it was… a buddy comedy of the toon actors behind the characters. Gadget’s animation wasn’t as bad as I feared… but wasn’t thrilled with it either. I’ll probably watch it again when I’m not sleepy to get a better handle of it.

It’s possible the shorts are still in existence, it was just older toon chipmunk actors in the roles… complete with their own drama.
Chip: “Oh c’mon, we’re just as fit as ever.”
Agent: “Chip, baby, no one’s doubting you and Dale’s ability to film shorts like in the old days. But this is a tv series, a completely different animal.”

But… mice don’t lay eggs. :nauseated_face:

They can’t breed with flies either, so… shrugs

I guess it comes down to what you’d rather see coming out of Gadget’s gadget.

Well! That was an interesting experience.
It wasn’t bad, but it sure as heck wasn’t Good either.
A solid 5 out of 10.

The story was what I’d best describe as “clumsy” in the way it was put together. I suppose it is a comedy, and a cartoon comedy at that, but Who Framed Roger Rabbit proved decades ago that you can make it fit together well despite that.

The required human partner was extremely superfluous to the film and was painfully unfunny. It’s a shame the main villains had to get hit with the ‘Painfully dumb’ stick so many times through the film. It made it impossible to see them as a threat.

And the less that’s said about Zipper and Gadget the better. Goodness, that was terrible.

On the upside, I did laugh a couple of times throughout the film. There were some good jokes in there.
The whole Ugly Sonic thing was absolutely brilliant. That had me pausing the film because of how much I laughed at it. Best bit in the film, and I’m glad they carried it as long as they did.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the references, the dozens and dozens of references everywhere.

So anyway, very mixed bag. But worth watching for sure.

I’m about 20 seasons behind but I know they did the same thing in the simpsons. Marge and Homer’s origins have been pushed up to the point they were in highschool in the 90’s now. Which invalidates pretty much everything I remember.

Agreed. These movies usually make the mistake of making the ‘human’ the focus too which no one is interested in. But that seems to be a trend that is fading finally. I’m glad she’s hardly in it. I didn’t find her funny just awkward.

Captain Putty’s fight scene actually creeped me out and felt more dangerous than the amalgamation Peter turned into. I actually liked the character but maybe I’m biased toward anything J.K. Simmons is playing.

The cheesemonger seemed like a bit of a waste. The promotions played him up but he was in the movie for all of five minutes. Cheese as an allegory for drugs was meh but I get it, it’s disney. The fact they took it that far is a minor miracle.

@ModernTimes I doubt considerations for the fans interest in shippings entered into the process at all. This movie is sort of miss named anyway as it all happens out side of the show Rescue Rangers, so can just be taken as being outside of continuity. I could see it going in other ways as well. Gadget married one of them leading to the split of the team and then divorce and on into cliche we go.

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So, this movie has gotten a lot of mixed reactions from the fandom, and overall animation fans in general.

From it’s commentary on the ever changing animation business. To it’s possible controversial take on the actor who originally played Peter Pan in the animated classic of the same name.

To it’s shipping of two Ranger characters no one would’ve guess, and thus met with overall negative feedback

Disney’s shot taking on bootlegs and other studios, plus more.

Comments are Welcomed

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If they hadn’t given Zipper an actual voice I might not have been sold on it. But I still think it was damn funny

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I’m somewhat relieved they went the way they did with parodying and satirizing things. I don’t think they could have captured the spirit of a show that’s 30 years old by now and done it justice. So just going along with the zeitgeist of the 20’s where Disney can poke fun at itself at the very least wasn’t going to annoy me for trying to recreate what was, and failing. The movie just had to stand on its own merit.

Some of the jokes or characters didn’t work as well as others. The human character could just as easily been a toon, and it would have been less cringe. And some of the cameos were wasted. Why have Randy Marsh if you don’t take the opportunity to joke about midlife crisis in a movie of washed-up actors? Because it actually worked with Ugly Sonic. Also, is it just me or was the Pony cameo out of left field? But the references overall did work, and some of them on multiple levels. The mockbuster industry is painfully accurate and I feel Disney deserved to take that shot. And it’s surreal when fat Peter Pan was in a comedy routine in Dutch years before this movie was even announced.

Also, Gadget and Zipper as a pairing was silly enough that it pretty much sidesteps all the shipping drama. As it should.