Promo Images

Does not surprise me

God, that CGI……shudder :sob:

I feel like if they had to give CGI Dale colored eyes, they should have been brown instead of blue. It makes his eyes look just a little bit less unnatural.

This is what I was hoping to see

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Gadget finally shows up in a promotional image and she’s teeny tiny and way in the back.

If the people involved in this movie (like Samberg) were really fans of the show, they’d have to know about the kind of following Gadget has, right? Or that someone involved in the production would have looked to see if there were still people talking about the show, and what it was that people liked or remembered about it. I mean, the Gadget fanbase isn’t exactly quiet so I can’t image that they wouldn’t have known about it, which makes me wonder…

Is this intentional? Are they trolling?

That could also be why they have kept her on the down-low. They would have a harder time complaining about the nothing so far. Or they could have gone all in and had another backlash like with