🎵 Open category - best computer game music

As the 32 and 64 bit eras already had CD-quality music, thought I’d wrap up this inadvertent theme with an open category; fave game music of any platform.

Mine is going to have to be the only game soundtrack I’ve bought, which was for Night in the Woods. This could just be a function of my experience of the game, but I thought the music hit the right tone all the way through it, and I have to admit Night in the Woods meant a lot to me as a game.

Best? Oof. Hard one, even from just what I remember having heard.
(And I’m assuming video games are also included.)
Well, here is some I recall thinking good, at least:

(Rose of May actually has so many remixes, of which at least some are also quite good, that I had some difficulty finding a copy of the actual game version to link here.)

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Shoutout to @Mayhem for introducing me to SID/C64 music way back when, which gave me a lasting taste for Rob Hubbards sublime chiptune work in particular:

I also have to go to bat for the the Va11 Hall-A soundtrack, cus it is top-shelf in terms of tasty tasty synth music: Karmotrine Dream - YouTube

Sorry to throw more sonic music into one of these threads but I really liked the soundtrack to Sonic Cd

Love the title song so much but I feel like if anyone heard me listening to it in public I’d snap in half from cringe.

Those are my favourite tracks. I swear I play more than just sonic games so I will add more when I can think of any.

One of my favorite modern soundtracks is from Octopath Traveler

Stardew Valley is another one worth mentioning

And here is one that has become one of my all-time favorites:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Some of my favorite tracks from Breath of the Wild

Talus Battle

Revali’s Theme

Divine Beast Vah Medoh

Windblight Ganon Battle

Sidon’s Theme (which is a variation of Mipha’s Theme)

And then the most epic track of all: Hyrule Castle

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Have to say, load of good music in here but the Myst music and the Lighthouse soundtrack are definitely some of my faves.

And yeah fair point @Reese , probably should have said “favourite” rather than “best.”

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Ah, glad you liked the Lighthouse one. I found I second-guessed that one, as while I liked it, that was a game I played as a kid (and again later in life), encountering the music both in context and long enough ago that there could have been a nostalgia filter involved. Glad to know that it still sounds good without that (or, alternatively, that you also played the game as a kid or the like). :slight_smile:

Heh, well, given I’m not sure what I’d pick as a favorite either, not sure that would have helped me that much, at least. :smiley: