New user thread for trying out commenting features

Here’s a thread for everyone to use to test out what it’s like to leave comments, and to try out the different options that are available.

:poop: ← here’s a poop emoji

Blockquote Here’s a block quote

Now I’m feeling bold

2022-04-15T05:42:00Z and for some reason now I’m going to enter the date and time

  • Now
  • I’m
  • making
  • a
  • list

I can’t believe you’re all missing this.

Look down below! Adding a link to something like a YouTube video will embed it in the comment, and other links - like the song on Spotify linked below - will generate a preview image of what the link is about.

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Highlighting a portion of someone’s post and pressing the quote button will automatically start a reply quoting the section you’d selected. It helps make it easier to follow a conversation.

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I DID IT!!! Can I have a cookie?

Yes. Now I’m tracking you.

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