New Movie Posters Revealed

With less than 2 week away from release, Disney have uploaded a set of posters, featuring characters from the upcoming film.

Everyone’s here. Chip, Dale, Seth Rogen, Gumby Cop, Live-action Policewoman… Muppet??

This is a Comeback?!

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I can hear Daffy Duck’s voice saying this just like he says this is a closeup?!? in Duck Amuck

“A comeback, you jerk! A comeback!”

But really, a series of posters showcasing a brand new team and a new villain? Sure seems like a reboot to me.

Edit: That said, I do like the Chip poster. I wish his character looked that good in the movie.

Did they finally give Swedish Chef Muppet a name?..and eyes?

The Cheesemonger

Haha ooh, he must be Monty’s dealer!


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Missed opportunity to not have Chip or Dale in drag.

imagining how profoundly confused I’d be if I had not seen the trailers for the CDRR and walked past a movie poster that’s like “Björnson the Cheesemonger in Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers”.

Like, I’d feel like I had phase-shifted into a paralell universe where traffic stops on green and a bunch of pop culture references have been shuffled around at random to give an impression of an alternative history.