My Rescue Rangers watchband

The latest addition to my collection :sweat_smile:

The result of effective targeted advertising, purchased through MobyFox


Spiffin. I might keep an eye out for a similar watchband.

I don’t think targeted advertising knows what it’s doing with me. I look for a thing, I find said thing, I buy said thing. Then for the rest of time I’m advertised the same thing or similar which I no longer need or want.

Or I’m just using the internet wrong…

The same thing is happening with me. I’ve had this watch advertised to me on a daily basis since I bought it

And now it’s happening with the TMNT vehicle sunshade I bought a few days ago

Chip really does like that pose, doesn’t he? Pretty cool watch. I don’t know how many younger people you associate with, but I wonder if anyone still recognizes them?