I've read this article, now you must share my pain

The Time It Rained Meat On A Clear Day In Kentucky, And People Immediately Ate It | IFLScience

And now I feel like eating at McDonalds. Thanks for that.

I don’t feel like eating ever again

This seems like exactly the sort of thing tornadoes do from time to time - almost to a T - except I guess there was no tornado.

So wait.

Does this technically make the guys on the ground baby vultures? I mean, if birds regur… actually I think I’ve thought about this too long and my brain is jumping ship.

Vultures also defecate on their own feet. To enhance the flavor, naturally.

Mmmm… floor beef :drooling_face:

IFL is probably one of my favorite pages to read and this is nothing unusual. Science and the study of human nature will always see worse.