GUYS! I’ve un-moved from San Diego…

Hubby got a wonderful job offer there with a generous relocation package. I was also able to obtain a job there—took me only two weeks to get two offers, which shows you how much easier it is for me to get a job anywhere. There really aren’t any opportunities for him here and it’s been miserable since he got laid off in June. We just secured an apartment and are gonna hit the road on September 19th. If any of y’all are on the way, let me know and we’ll try to visit! @Reese , we want to try and see you and Bryce before we leave.


Well, I’m Salamanca, along I-86 in the west of NY.

Aye, Bryce mentioned it; I hope we can work something out!

Either way, though, I do hope both the move and the new location go well!

Why are you moving there 20 years after I left? lol

Congrats to you both, and I hope you enjoy the perfect weather. :slight_smile:

Congrats! If you get tired of the weather being nice let me know and we’ll see if we can ship you some British damp. Hope the move goes smoothly! :slight_smile:

Sorry it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to meet up again before you leave. I suppose something might still be worked out for Sunday, but my understanding is that you and Bryce have been having difficulty finding a point of schedule compatibility; I don’t know how likely it is something could be fit in at more or less the last moment. Alas.
Well, again, though, I hope things go well!

Congratulations on never seeing snow again.

For real, I’m actually a little jealous there. Only snowing once or twice all winter is one of the things I miss the most about the South.

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Oh it does snow in California, and in San Diego, but yeah it’s a couple steps up probability wise from Satan skating to work…

Can confirm. It snowed once when I was a kid. It was a teeny tiny amount, barely a light dusting, but it did snow. That was back in the 1980s, and it was the only time I saw snow until I moved to Washington in 2002.


In all seriousness, I’m REALLY homesick but doing my best to adjust. It is very nice here, just……different. Weird. Maybe because I’d never lived anywhere else but Long Island my entire life up until now.

Sorry about that, Wiggles; good luck.

@Reese Thanks! I’m glad we got to see you and Bryce before we left.

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Do you miss the snow? I’ve already had to brush off my car just for a quick trip to the store, and before the next trip I’ll likely have to stand around waiting while the portable tire pump reinflates my front tires.

Culture shock sucks. Homesickness sucks too.

But even with both of those you still have the comfort you can get from knowing that at least you’re not in Phoenix.

…Seriously, Phoenix is awful. It’s like Los Angeles for Republicans.


@ksharbaugh Nope, the snow is one thing I DEFINITELY do not miss! I would have panic attacks every time I found out it was gonna snow.

@goa Yikes……yeah, I currently have no plans to ever live in Phoenix.

So, I’m moving……again. To the 5th floor of the building. Basically the noise (horrible stomping, running around, and thudding) coming from our upstairs neighbors is awful enough to the point where he have to get the f*** out of this unit. Like, it’s that bad that I’m getting physically sick from the stress and anxiety. Top floor will cost us $560 more in monthly rent. But is it worth our sanity? Absolutely.

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Wow; yikes. Sorry about that. I hope the move isn’t too difficult.

I’ve always lived on the top floor except for one time, and that was one time too many because of everything you described. It sounded like I had a family of horses living above me. There was one person in particular that had such loud, heavy footsteps. CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP. I’m getting all stressed out just thinking about it!

You’re doing it all wrong. The real power move here is to rent the unit directly above them, put down something that can create a decent amount of noise noise (think like some loose boards placed on top of a layer of like plywood or some shit, preferably boards that are a little warped and don’t line up quite right), and run around on those wearing tap shoes.