💬 Get in the Chaaaaat


Using a really old banner (when the forums were still called The Peanut Gallery) to introduce an experimental feature: Chat!

Discourse (our current forum software) recently added a beta release for an integrated chat feature. This allows us to have a chat inside the boards instead of having to link to an external chat client, like Discord.

Keep in mind, the chat feature is in the early beta stages, so it’s not perfect. :slight_smile:

There is now a speech bubble icon in the top right corner (next to the magnifying glass) that’ll open the chat window. Alternately, you can open the chat full screen by clicking the banner at the top of this post, or by CLICKING THIS BIG TEXT RIGHT HERE

The inspiration behind the title of this post:

This looks fun, I remember that banner, and when you introduced the chat feature on the old boards.

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I wish I had saved more of the old chat. This is the only screenshot I’ve been able to find so far:
chat_gone_mad_feb-03-09 (Boomer)

…Yes, what was going on there? :smiley:

Shanties, obviously.


And drugs, probably.

There’s always drugs, like caffeine!

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I’m guessing a combination of caffeine and sleep deprivation. Who knows

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I just learned that there is a new setting in your user preference page for the chat where you can set your notifications preferences, like whether or not you want the chat to play a sound when a new chat is received.

The audio alert is disabled by default, so you’ll have to turn it on if you want to hear when new messages arrive.

@syaoran2001 What the heck? That was in 2010.

By the way, I posted this in the chat, but it occurs to me that, particularly given the context, maybe I should add redundancy: I can’t seem to scroll up in the chat, small or full-sized, but it looks like I’m meant to be able to?

Yes, you should be able to scroll up.

I’ve tested it on Windows 11 desktop using Chrome and Edge, on iOS using Safari and Chrome, and on Android using Chrome and Opera.

What are you using?

Ah. Well, thanks for the confirmation.

I’m using Waterfox Classic (with NoScript, but this forum should have the necessary permissions) on OSX 10.11.6.
…Yes, I’m weird.

I’m afraid I don’t have any experience with that browser, but all I can guess is that NoScript might be getting in the way. Are you able to temporarily disable it to see if the chat allows you to scroll up?

No, that doesn’t seem to be it, based on the test I just did.

Maybe testing it on Firefox would be useful? That’s what Waterfox is based on.
(Not that I’m demanding such a thing, of course, just making a suggestion in case you want to pursue this.)

(Oh, and to confirm, it definitely isn’t that I can’t scroll on this site. Everywhere else I’ve noticed it looking like I should be able to scroll here, I’ve been able to.)

If it’s any help to you, I’m one of those weirdos who stuck with Firefox instead of switching over to Chrome and I haven’t had any issues with scrolling.

Hm. Thanks. So it’s apparently not just that my browser is Firefox-based.

(Also, you know, I was surprised when I found out Chrome was actually the most-used browser? I’d thought it was Firefox. Of course, I stuck with Firefox too, for some time after that – and then, being also a weirdo, as mentioned, moved to an even more niche browser instead of Chrome.)

Could be worse. We actually discovered, when we first did browser checking for issues on our system that customers could report (that would only show on one browser, not all) a couple years ago, that nearly a quarter were still on IE11 :dizzy_face:

Needless to say with React and other technologies we’ve introduced for our online tracking, it just doesn’t work on that any more, so people have had to move to Chrome or Edge or Firefox. Actually, even Safari is used more than Firefox on our system.

Back to the topic, I still use Firefox like Goa, and this site is fine, even on my iPad.

The company I work for uses a proprietary system that is browser based and it only works on Internet Explorer. I’m wondering what’s going to happen when IE is officially retired in a week.

Fire. Fire is going to happen.

In some metaphorical sense, at least.