Flynn's Art Thread

Howdy folks. I draw things!

This is a comprehensive ongoing art thread for my stuff so it doesn’t clutter up the board (I got the idea from @TellyToon 's topic)

I’ll start with these, which feature a beloved mainstay of our fine forums: Kerfuffle the thicc squirrel.

@Ducky offhandedly referred to her as “Our favorite squirrel” and it went straight to her head.

Not everybody was pleased with this.


Our beloved Lady Kerfuffle :fatsquirrel:

Double or nothing she hijacks this new place and angers some members enough to send some choice messages requesting it return to normal

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Fah fah fah fah



Dearest @Flynn

I would like to see some more drawrings

Love always,

A piece I did a couple months ago of my mouseself in a little red remote control car that’s been modified for Mouse Use.

I was listening to a lot of “Blinding Lights” (by The Weeknd) that day so it’s got lit-up nighttime city vibes.

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What’s the laser pointer for?

There’s no exact scenario, but I imagined it was something like painting a target on the back of a getaway vehicle so a drone could follow it. You know, sleuthing things!

Ah, thanks.
…Though now that you mention it, I think I may have seen this, and asked that same question, and had it answered, before. Or possibly it’s just deja vu. If it’s the former, though, sorry about forgetting.

I don’t mind! :slight_smile:

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Fah fah fah

Do you have any other drawings of your new and improved mouse?


Behold, myself and my big sister Dana (she’s a hairless mouse)


I forgot how much I adored your drawings. Your sketches have so much personality and life to them, and your characters are so expressive.

I will always treasure the two pieces you gifted to me:

  1. Ducky & The Noxious Avenger (who might need a reboot) which I think is something you drew in response to the way I was crushing on NA
  2. Ducky & the Fat Rabid Squirrel - something you drew for me after I spent countless hours fixing all of the issues that were caused by a server move (each and every one of them blamed on Kerfuffle). It might sound silly, but I cried when I saw it. It was one of those gestures that made me feel so loved and appreciated. :heart:
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Those were both really good, I’m not gonna lie.

I gotta draw you again :slight_smile:

Also? I don’t know if this deserves its own topic, it can probably just be mentioned here: Ten years ago I started a doopy comic strip about birds (that’s it that’s literally the entire premise) and I abandoned it when other things in my life took precedent. Among other things I started a more serious, more story-driven comic about dragons called Meadowhawk.


SMELL IT HERE: Bird Comix - From Above (

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