Finally acquired one of my grails of Rescue Rangers collecting

The Disney Afternoon soundtrack cassette!

I’ve been looking for the CD ever since the days of yore when I first dove headlong into Rescue Rangers, hoping a stray copy would show up at a thrift store because eBay prices for the CD are outrageous. I put both the CD and the cassette on my Discogs wantlist, not hopeful that either would ever show up, but the cassette came up in my wantlist email a few days ago, and it was a good price so I snagged it immediately. Now I’ll finally be able to hear the CDRR theme song through a proper stereo system.


Awesome!! I had the cassette and listened to it so much while playing in the backyard that the neighbor kids started making fun of me haha

@syaoran2001 :
Congratulations. :slight_smile:

@Ducky :
Ah, sorry about that. :slight_smile:

There’s so much to do!
Getting ready just for you!
Everybody’s busy
Bringing you a Disney Afternoon!
Can’t you feel the buzz?
Well, you’re gonna feel the buzz, because
Everybody’s busy
Just a little dizzy
Bringing you a Disney Afternoon!

1989-1992 was such a magical time in my childhood because of the Disney Afternoon

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