Ducky's Chip 'n' Dale Collection

Inspired by @Owlor’s thrift store find, I thought I’d make a post to share some of the Chip ‘n’ Dale and Rescue Rangers merchandise I’ve collected over the years. I have a much larger collection stashed away in storage, but this is what I currently have out on display or on a shelf at home:

Part 1: Videos and Funko Merch

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers DVDs and Blu-ray:

(Not pictured: Starring Chip ‘n’ Dale DVD, and various Chip ‘n’ Dale VHS tapes)

Toys and figurines released by Funko

Rescue Ranger stuffed plush toys from Funko:

Rescue Ranger Funko mini figurines:

Funko Pop - Chip ‘n’ Dale Kingdom Hearts:

Funko Pop - Chip ‘n’ Dale Flocked:

Funko Pop - Monterey Jack

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers action figures - Dale & Zipper, Chip, and Gadget. Gadget’s cardboard backing got crinkled when my son had it shipped to me. He felt really bad about it :frowning:


Part 2: Books, comics, and prints

Disney Afternoon Adventures comic collection hardback. This is the first in a hardback collection of the old comics that appeared in the DA Adventures Magazine.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers: The Secret Casebook - an older collection of Rescue Rangers comics

Learn to Draw: Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Gallery Books: Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers - Catteries Not Included

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Print - signed by Tress MacNeille

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Comic #1 - surrounded by some old toys

(not pictured: all of the comics I have in storage)


Part 3: Toys

Chip and Dale Disney Epcot McDonald’s toys, a duplicate Funko mini Chip figurine, and the stretchy Chip figurine by “Just Toys”

Rescue Rangers McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, with the mix and match cars

Kellogg’s Rescue Rangers PVC figurines and the Tiger Electronics Rescue Rangers game (yes, it still works!)

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers stuffed plush I bought while visiting Disneyland Paris approximately 15 years ago:

Disney Treasures from the Vault - Chip ‘n’ Dale
This was a special collectable line of Disney toys released monthly by Amazon. Chip ‘n’ Dale were the July 2021 release.

A plastic bag full of duplicate figurines I’m not sure what to do with


Part 4: Misc stuff and thangs

Chip ‘n’ Dale Lanyard from Disneyland

Chip key cover (it’s on my house key):

1989 Rescue Rangers Valentines Day cards, still sealed in box

I have several Chip ‘n’ Dale pins from Disneyland as well, but I’ll have to get photos of those another day


Thanks for sharing, Ducky! I didn’t own or see any of this stuff when it was new, so I always enjoy these collection posts. The Chip key cover is especially cool.

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You dork!

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Shouldn’t Zipper be packaged with Gadget? :rofl:

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As I’m prepping for a move of address in general, most of my remaining CnDRR stuff is in storage (while people were viewing and never left). Except these which not sure Ducky has? And something else, that I’m waiting to be signed and returned back from the US…

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I do not have those! I’m not sure I’ve seen them before. Are they porcelain?

They are, I bought them in a Disney store here in the UK but I think they are originally a Disney Japan item. Not seem them come up very often for sale.

Here’s my Rescue Rangers lunch box with matching Thermos. These came in both blue and red.

This is a pin I found on ebay way back around 2006-07 at the height of Ranger obsession.

I have some various other things like the comic Ducky posted, the first NES game (number 2 is too expensive), various toys and figures. I have that same wind up trolly toy that Ducky has that I got out of the fast food kids meal it originally came in back in the early 90’s, I think it was Burger King or Wendy’s? I know it wasn’t McDonalds. Jesus I’m old.

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This is the IBM compatible PC game that was one of the first games we bought for our brand new IBM PS/2 in 1990. Included is the original 3.5" floppy and the backup my dad made of it. We never played games off their original disks, only from copied since the computer would erase a disk if you left it in the drive when you turned off the computer. I also have the 5 1/4” floppy somewhere since as the box states it came with both. Most games from that period did.

This game is what I remember most about Rescue Rangers from my childhood, moreso than the show. I remembered bits and pieces of the show when I rediscovered it as an adult, mostly things like Monty’s cheese craziness, and the characters in general, but no real specifics of episodes. I had forgotten who Nimnul was and only remembered the name from this game. Also, Gadget does not exist in this game for some reason, but Zipper is there, and you’re rescuing Monty. I’d have thought they would have gone for the classic damsel in distress trope and had you rescuing Gadget, but nope, she just doesn’t exist.

Also, I always thought this level was a staircase leading to a bowling alley, but it took me 30 years to realize it’s a wooden door and what I thought was a golden bowling ball is in fact a door knob.

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It is a bit of a confusing image, aye. I don’t think they got the perspective quite right…

I haven’t been able to confirm or deny if the computer erasing disks was actually true or if it was just one of those things my dad told us not to do so we wouldn’t leave disks in the drive. I still have that computer so maybe I’ll experiment with some spare disks to see if it was true. I seem to remember it actually happening to me once where a disk was erased when I left it in the drive when I turned off the computer though.

Wow, that’s so cool that you still have some of those things! I never had the lunchbox/thermos growing up, but I definitely wanted it.

I had the NES games, but they were stolen by my degenerate sibling so he could sell them for drug money (he even sold the NES).

We didn’t have a PC so I never got to see that game and didn’t realize it existed at all until I was much older. I like how the text on the back says “Join Zipper and the Rescue Rangers” :smile:

Yeah, it’s funny that Zipper gets top billing and Chip and Dale aren’t even mentioned by name.

The lunchbox was an eBay purchase, unfortunately not a childhood relic. My first and really only lunchbox was a Sesame Street lunchbox that I still have. I use it to hold teabags now, along with my Rescue Rangers one.

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Ah, thanks.

Oh, yikes! Sorry about that.

That should have been able to buy either a lot of drugs or very very good drugs with how much Chip N Dale 2 sells for.

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Here are some screenshots from Rescue Rangers PC game. I was wrong, Gadget is in it for 5 seconds, although she looks strange, as do Chip and Dale.


That’s disturbing.

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