Disney Heroes

The mobile game Disney Heroes recently had an update where they changed the app icon to Chip ‘n’ Dale.


The app regularly changes the icon to different Disney characters when it updates but this is the first time I’ve seen the Rangers represented.

Speaking of representation, my current team is made up of Disney Afternoon characters. It’s not the strongest line up but I exchanged power for aesthetics.

And speaking of power, all of you Gadget fans out there will be pleased to know that her character is way OP.

I know it’s a gacha mobile game, but it seems like a lot of care went into making sure the characters in the game were true to the movies or tv shows they came from. Like the description of one of Gadget’s attacks says that she pulls out an invention that malfunctions and flying parts damage multiple enemies. Scrooge hops on his cane like he does in the DuckTales NES game. When Launchpad enters a fight, his plane crashes and the wreckage catches on fire, damaging nearby enemies. It’s those little touches that keep me playing.

In case it needs to be said...

This is not a sponsored post! lol

I’m having trouble figuring out how to respond, sorry, as I’m rather torn on whether a gacha mobile game is actually better with more or fewer good points, since the former makes it better while the latter makes fewer people actually likely to play it, and my feelings towards them are not particularly positive. Trying to think of something positive to say, or if perhaps it would be better to say nothing even with how quiet the forum’s been, I had trouble deciding whether I should even be glad you were enjoying it, since I wasn’t sure you might not be better off avoiding it and your enjoyment would make that less likely.

I do hope that things with the game go for you in ways that are good, though, whatever those might be, and thank you for the information, as I don’t think I’d heard of the game before.

…Again, sorry this comment is so, ah, the way it is.

The amount of thought that went into it makes it sound fun, though as Reese said, gacha games, hmm. A question though, does it have a plot that makes the dinosaur from Toy Story make sense as a bad guy in your second and third pictures?

No I don’t need more distractions. I already have a stack of games I haven’t played. My friend relaunched his minecraft server so I’m addicted to that again. And now you show me a game with Gizmoduck in it…