CnDO Discord Video Stream

I’m going to have things streaming on the Discord from time to time.

The video streams are in a private CnDO Video channel on the server that is only accessible to members of the CnDO Discord. A person accessing the Discord server for the first time will have to write a message in the Welcome channel saying who they are (like their username here) before they’ll be granted full member status.

2022-05-23T07:03:00Z: The 30 year old CDRR television series is steaming (Flash the Wonder Dog is playing as I type this). It’ll keep playing until it times out, since I’ll be going to bed soon.

I’ll update this thread when there are changes

2022-05-23T16:38:00Z the stream has restarted, starting with the CDRR episode, The Carpetsnaggers

I think the stream is working for me, though as it appears to currently be a stream of a menu screen, it’s hard to tell.
(I don’t have time to watch at the moment anyway, but I thought I’d give some testing feedback. :))

It was, as it had timed out again. It seems to play about 5 episodes before it does the equivalent of Netflix’s “are you still there?” where it won’t continue playing without some sort of input. It’s playing again :slight_smile:

[checks again]
Yep, seems to be working! Thanks!
Pity I don’t have time right now, but perhaps at some point there will be an intersection.

Stream is mic off after Ducky thought her computer was possessed when I came on with mic active and my daughter murmuring in the background :rofl:

It was the entire Mayhem family! “Did I just enter a portal to another country? Where are these voices coming from?? Who is that lady??”

The video stream is going to be offline for the next few days while I’m out of town for a funeral.

The stream is up again, playing CDRR episodes

I’ve been checking in on it, and the steam has been running for approximately two days non-stop without interruption since it’s been looping all of the episodes that I have on my external drive.

The only slight interruption has been when I’ve switched it to a mirrored image for laughs. :grin:

The stream is continuing to play Rescue Rangers episodes by default, but I am open to requests if anyone wants to try watching something else together.

By the way, I have The Brave Little Toaster on DVD, if anyone is wanting to watch that since the movie was mentioned recently

Hm. It might be nice to have another shared watch-a-thing night, aye. And we could perhaps find a time that works for more people, since unlike the previous one, we’d not be trying to get as close to the film’s release as possible.

And we won’t have to wait through several delays of technical difficulties lol

I admit, I was thinking that, too, yes, but I thought it might be impolite to mention. :smiley:

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I’d be down for a Brave Little Toaster Watch party. It just can’t be at 2 in the morning. Saturday evenings work best for me.