Black Nerd Comedy's reaction to the CDRR trailer

I generally don’t like “reaction” videos, but appreciated this one because it’s more of a break down of the trailer than just a reaction to it. He goes over the different details seen in the trailer and discusses how he feels about it and why. Not one of those videos where someone just sits there making faces as they watch the trailer “for the first time.”

Plus, he’s very clearly a long time fan of the Rescue Rangers. :grin:

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Interesting! Thanks. I, too, am not generally one for reaction videos, so I doubt I’d have watched this otherwise.

I think his enthusiasm and the way he processed his reaction with all the laughter is what changed my initial cynicism about the movie. I had the “what on earth is happening” response, but it was more with a disgusted tone than his “what on earth is happening” said through tears of laughter.

I think I’m over on the “this is so bad, it’s actually hilarious” side now.

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Also, it is really had to type when my cat keeps pulling my arm back toward her. She’s jealous of everything that takes attention away from her lol
(It’s also partially my fault for having a throw pillow on my lap)


I’ve been wondering about that one russian gadget cult like, does it actually still exist? It’s like the one thing people know about the fandom and they’ll reference it constantly, but I don’t know if there’s any evidence that it’s actually still a thing or even was that much of a thing to begin with beyond, like, a couple of in-jokey meetups.

I’m not sure I was feeling disgust, more just sort of “…What?”, but yeah, I think my view of it has also improved. :slight_smile:

Re side note:

Aww. :slight_smile:

Interesting question, aye, and I don’t know either.

Though I do think, depending on how much abilities cross over between character and actor, that, if Gadget was kidnapped, it might have been for technical rather than religious reasons, someone wanting her to build something for them.

…Though this gets back into speculation of the sort I posted some of on the old forum. If there is ability crossover, can one just create super-toons? Super soldiers (with all relevant toon physical advantages) and super scientists, completely loyal to their creators, made to order? I suspect not, since, for a start, that’s probably a lot more complexity than the movie wants to deal with. But in that case, what abilities do toons have, and how do they get them?

I was almost expecting him to say that Gadget was gonna be the villain, though she’d prolly work better as an Entrapta-style character. Someone who ends up working for the villain semi-voluntarily because they have some really fascinating tech stuff for her to work with and she doesn’t really stop to consider the moral implications of what she does.

It is equally likely that they go the oposit with her. If they’re going the Galaxy Quest / Who Framed Roger Rabit route, then she’s an actress.
She may be portrayed as not being at all technically savvy, since subverting expectations is funny and all that.

But we’ll see.
I’m highly sceptical of this film, which I only learned of today, but it’ll be a day one watch for sure.

Since they seem to be methodically going for the decision that’ll piss the largest number of people off, I wouldn’t put it past them! It’s the exact sort of decision an executive would make if their goal was to make people argue on social media.

Based on the trailer, my expectation I have is that they just kind of forget Gadget after the opening scene. I wonder about the black nerds idea though. Like, imagine being this russian guy who created a Gadget cult largely I imagine as kind of a lark to get some friends together and indulge in fandom shenanigans and then like ten years later you see an official disney-branded version of you and your friends just show up out of nowhere on the big screen.

I have to admit I didn’t expect them to go Detective Picachuchu (i know it’s wrong it’s just a thing with me) with the rescue rangers.

These last 5 or 6 years have been like a nostalgia revival for me and more than half of these reboots/revivals/re-imaginings have been disappointments. So I almost immediately jump to cynicism these days when projects like this come up.

But I really liked the trailer. The jokes are funny, I loved that only Dale got the ‘cg surgery’ because of course he would, that’s exactly a Dale sort of move. Yes it’s disappointing they don’t have their original or even chipmunked voices, but I like his theory on why they went that route it’s clever. And if it is a disappointment, well they can’t take away the cartoon which I can finally for the first time in my life watch from first to last episode thanks to disney plus.