ARR Issue 5 Page 18 live!

Hey guys! The latest page is up!


I was torn between posting my comment on the comic page or in the forum – but then I realized I could just post it both places.

So he did indeed come out in a dress; I was wondering. :smiley:
And he does make that outfit look good. :slight_smile:
…But yeah, Chip, honestly, at this point, I think you’re more likely to give the two of you away. Much easier to not get caught, after all, if no one thinks there’s something for anyone to get caught doing – and I think Dale’s probably going to have an easier time acting as casually as if he really was supposed to be there.
(…Also, Chip’s blush in Panel 2 is not helping me not ship the two of them. :D)
Anyway! I look forward to seeing how the infiltration goes. More details of their cover identities, what the place they’re infiltrating is like… and, of course, what they find there.

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I think this is the first time I’ve clicked the youtube link for the page soundtrack and I’m glad I did. It’s just what I would have expected to hear.

I know Chip said he’s not singing this time, but will Dale try anyway?

:musical_keyboard: Do the [Bad_Guy] stomp with [Insert_Villain’s_Name] :musical_note:

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I carefully choose those soundtracks; some of them are actually pretty powerful and do more than just add ambience. Page 17, for example, has a pretty potent kick to it.

The most important one is Melody’s Lullaby, tho, by a wide margin.

Of which issue, to be clear?
(And I do, by the way, continue to indeed appreciate the soundtrack element of the comic. :))

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This issue, sorry

Paying close attention to the themes of certain tracks may prove rewarding~

Ah, righto; thanks!
And interesting; hm…

[considering the previous page; hopefully it’s alright to still put that commentary here]
Well, obviously, they’re taking a chance, a gamble. Love for whom or what is a big question, of course (though this I doubt is Chip/Dale shipping – Chip’s not doing this for Dale, unless I’ve much misunderstood things, but the reverse, and this page is heavily Chip-focused; combined with Chip’s previous actions, it seems pretty clear he’s the one after… whatever this is, and the reason they’re taking risks to get it).

(Back on this page, briefly, as I’m looking around, something I thought of earlier but was highlighted by something on a previous page: I do wonder if Dale using “gawd” rather than “Zeus” or something is significant. Might or might not be.)

And back on Page 1 of Issue 4, this is interesting. Foxglove refers to Chip as and Dale as missing in action. But she at least has been in regular contact with Dale. So at some point after that last call, the two of them drop off the map.

(I’m seeing so many little details I’d forgotten in this look back; maybe I should make the time to do a full reread at some point. Should be fun, if I do find/make it.)

Also, re “Hercules Parrot”:

Hmmm. Issue 2, Page 19, two things:
Chip was saying, cut off, “You don’t know di–”. I wonder what that was?
But Fat Cat, when he talks about Chip’s obsession, uses “her”. Metaphorical? A result of whatever it is having a feminine grammatical gender in French? Or…
Looking back at the previous-to-that page, Chip was already looking for the airplane (and hadn’t told Dale, at least that it was an RAS plane).
Issue 2 Page 17 reminds me they’re in San Francisco, and further implies that Chip’s actually just doing this because he’s very much not over Gadget.

…Ooooo. Issue 2 Page 13 reminds me that Dale is in fact poisoned. From what I’ve picked up during my skim, it might just be his easygoing nature that’s protecting him. And… they’re heading into a rather tense situation…
Also, it looks, from these few pages, like this far back in this thread is still in the future of the thread the current issue is following.
And Chip, though not Dale, interestingly, is wanted by the RAS.

…Hm. Except, no, they hadn’t started working for Fat Cat yet. And they had started working for him… They had started working for him before the current issue, right?

Ooooo dear. Issue 5, Page 2, in that flashback, Chip… sure was insistent that Dale not get agitated, wasn’t he?
And this is Doylist reasoning, but Foxglove’s “We have all the time in the world” on Issue 5 Page 6 seems ominous.

Hm, and Issue 2 Page 2… what’s going on here? Many more and more elaborate mysteries than I remembered. :smiley:

Really should find time to reread this at some point, I think. Hm. Don’t think I have it now, though, unfortunately.

In any case, this look back has highlighted how much I enjoy the comic, so thanks again for making it!

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Time to get Scott Cawthon up ins with a few helpful answers and a few gentle prods—nothing outside of what’s already on the page though! No spoilers here!

This may in fact be the biggest question.

It is of minor significance. Chip uses similar terminology.

“You don’t know dick”

Is he, though?

They are not currently working for Fat Cat in any way.

That he was… which is strange, isn’t it?

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Scott Cawthon?
Also, how does one quote people multiple times in this forum? You seem to have figured it out.

“This may in fact be the biggest question.”
…Also, I just realized, with Dale poisoned, if Chip thinks he can somehow get a cure, maybe it is Dale he’s doing this for. Hm.

“It is of minor significance. Chip uses similar terminology.”
It is? Interesting; thanks.

““You don’t know dick””
Ah, thanks.

Is he, though?”
…Hm. Well. Gadget and Tammy said they think he is. I think we can trust that. Gadget, certainly, Tammy, almost certainly. But were they told the truth?

“They are not currently working for Fat Cat in any way.”
Oh! Interesting. Hm. …Though that might just raise more questions. What did they do for him? Why did they stop, and when? How is this connected to the break-in(s?) at RRHQ?

“That he was… which is strange, isn’t it?”
I don’t recall thinking much of it at the time; it’s not that odd a reaction under the circumstances. But in context… Well, a reaction of that sort might not be that odd, but he was very insistent, wasn’t he?

Well, thanks for the lack of spoilers and the pointed/ing questions, even if I feel like I might actually have more questions now than before. :smiley:
Guess continuing to read the comic’ll be needed to see how things develop. :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve done a bit of rereading near the beginning, and I do notice that Zipper seems to be portrayed much smaller in the art style used during the early parts of the comic.

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Well, it was a different artist. Sort of. Metaphorically.

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This is exactly what I hoped would happen :smile: It wouldn’t be a CDRR story if Dale didn’t take any excuse offered to kill it in a dress. I was half-expecting this song as the soundtrack.

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The creator of Five Nights at Freddie’s. He’s well known for fueling Game Theory discussions with little hints.

Select the text you want to quote in the post; a little “quote” button should appear when you hover (it even appears on mobile). Click it and it’ll either start a reply quoting that selection, or add it to your post in progress.

It’s all about whether you have the right questions~

…Which is strange, isn’t it?


Everyone wanted this. Even if they didn’t know it until now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, thanks.

Ah, and thanks!


Well, that depends on who he has connections with, I’d say…


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Damn, Dale is hot!