Andre's Rescue Ranger Trailer 2 Easter Eggs Breakdown

Here’s a video that Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy) put together breaking down of all of the easter eggs he found in the Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Official Movie Trailer (also referred as Trailer #2)

it looks like Chip has his ear replaced with Pluto’s or maybe even Goofy’s

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I’ve been wondering what that was. When I kept seeing it in the new trailer, I thought they gave Chip some sort of stupid ponytail

Wait, if this was the Official Movie Trailer, what was Trailer #1?

Thanks for sharing this!

Trailer 1 was the teaser trailer :slight_smile:

…Which is an official trailer for the movie, but not the official movie trailer? Is this a normal thing?
(I generally have very little to do with movie trailers.)

@Reese I was thinking pretty much the same questions as you were—I generally don’t pay too much attention to movie trailers, either. I think the “teaser” comes out first to do exactly what it says, tease. Then you have the “official” trailer. Which, I guess, is more in-depth.

Thanks, @Scifire ! I will watch this when I get home from the nail salon. (Note to self: check in with @Ducky when I get home so she doesn’t get concerned. :laughing:)

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[shrugs] I guess. It makes some sense. Still seems like “Official Trailer” isn’t the best name for it, though. “Primary Trailer”, maybe?