About the 🎬 Fan Creations πŸ–ŒοΈ category

This community has some of the most talented people on the internet, and this is the place for them to show of their work.

All artists, authors, and other creative people can upload their creations here directly, or if the piece is park of a larger collection (like an on going comic or graphic novel), you can share links to the place where we can find your work.

Do you want stuff all in one thread or art/works go in each a different thread? Sorry getting used to the new format :stuck_out_tongue:

@iceberg210 if I understand this new format, you’d make a new post using the #fan-art category and it gets sorted automatically rather than having your traditional forum/subforum layout. If that is the case, putting all art posts in a single thread would actually be counterintuitive in this forum; each piece should have its own β€œzone” of discussion. IF I’m correct.

Every new piece added to the :clapper: Fan Creations :paintbrush: category should be entered as it’s own topic.

@arcanethewoof is correct - categories act as subforums. and β€œtopic” is a new discussion in said category, which is what other forum software might refer to as a new post.

The default display here shows all new topics (aka new posts) in the same β€œfeed” with the respective category appearing as a colored tag. This is so it’s easy to see all new or updated topics/posts in chronological order, rather than having to look through a list of subforums to see what new posts have been made. The main feed can be filtered by category or tags; for example, if you only want to see new topics/posts in the Rescue Rangers Category, you’d select from the Categories dropdown, or if you only want to see things that have been tagged with rescue-rangers, regardless of category, you’d select from the tags dropdown. The latter, for example, may show you Rescue Ranger :clapper: Fan Creations :paintbrush: in addition to anything else using the rescue-rangers tag, including topics in the main rescue-rangers category

Alternately, if you prefer seeing the more traditional forum/subforum format, you can click on the large Categories link near the header of the front page, next to Latest (default), Unread, and Top.

Changed the name of the category from Fan Art to Fan Creations to include other forms of media.

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